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 Has the Left created their new political correct biology books for public schools? (25)

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Has the Left created their new political correct biology books for public schools?

Everything we ever learned about our bodies, how they are designed, how sex is suppose to work between a man and woman, how we have two genders, a male and female, etc. etc., has been thrown upside down.
These scientific truths no longer jive with the Left's PC Humanistic scripture.

Every day the Left keeps discovering new genders. The last I heard, they may have fabricated up to 80 separate genders! ROFLOL!

How are they going to keep up with the constant updates to our science books? Well, like our Constitution, they will just have to declare that our science books are living documents that change with the culture.

I wonder at the beginning of school year, when the new age Biology books say there are 80 different genders, will this answer still be correct on the final exam when there will now be 83 separate genders? I would buy stock in paper because the Biology books will be outdated by midterm.

I many times ask myself, how could any intelligent person swallow this politically correct garbage, sanctioning every unnatural sexual orientation or gender disorder, as being ok and normal, rather than being some sexual dysfunction.

This political correct world has become so fearful of offending someone, we must be brow beaten to except and sanction any unnatural orientation as being natural and normal. All people should be treated with respect, and not discriminted against, but this does not mean we sanction their claimed orientations as normal.

It says in the Bilbe, When men reject the revelation of God in nature, they become fools but they think of themselves as wise (Romans 1:22).
If that's not describing to a tee what is gong on in this world, I don't know what is.

We actually have College Professors who think they are the enlightened ones pushing this PC drivel. Trump is the result of this PC insanity. Americans are fed up with it, and were it not for the impressionable young people being indoctrinated in schools, this PC madness would have already been thrown into the dust bin of history.

The Bible speaks to these types of things happening in the end times, whereby mankind becomes like fools, rebelling against what is obviously natural and true, and lifts up what is unnatural.

What else can explain this unbelievable assault on obvious intellectual truth, and this dysfunctional fixation on unnatural sexuality and so called newly discovered genders.
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Now we will hear from the intolerant Left calling anyone who dares gives these opinions, as being homophobic, genderphobic, womenphobic, you name it.

They must shut down and censor such speech when it goes against their political correct humanistic dogma.

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They must shut down and censor such speech when it goes against their political correct humanistic dogma.

Is your argument honestly: "I don't want this content to be taught in schools, therefor when you teach it in schools, I'm being censored"?

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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First, one has to use the common sense of understanding the difference between the scientific FACTS of biology that we teach to impressionable children, verses teaching the political correctness of LGBTBCDEFGHIJKLMNOP groups.

What we teach our children as scientific facts can not be changed on the whims of activist political correct groups who want to feel better about themselves.

School corriculum is not an experiment in free speech, it is thousands of years of knowledge and scientific facts taught to our children.

Controversial issues have no place in our public schools, especialy when there is so much opposition to this PC movement.

Would you like to go back to having Christianity taught in schools? I personally think it would be the best thing ever for the benefits to our chidren, but I have the common sense to understand not all parents want their children being taught things they do not belive in.

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Both parties are mentally ill, and I think you're having a bipolar episode. BOTH FUCKING SIDES ARE BIPOLAR OPPOSITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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I'm so sick of this "both sides are just as bad" rhetoric. Yes, niether side is perfect and both sides have their faults, but that does not mean one side can not be much worse than the other side.

Do you understand why people constantly push this same lie of how boths sides are just as bad?

Because it excuses their support of the inhumanity of No Restriction abortions, and other things.

People like you can pretend to be truly prolife, while voting for politicians who support No Restriction abortions.

You try to exucse your culpability, when supporting this rabidly pro abortion Democrat Party, by making that ludicrous all incompassing statement "both sides are just as bad".


Let me ask you, is Jay walking as bad as murder? They are both breaking the law correct? Can we say that all people break the law and therefore "all people are just as bad"?

NO! We have brains that can discern the difference between breaking a minor law, and taking an innocent life.

Tell me, would you vote for a politician who supported killing innocent people, verses one who twenty years ago touched the side of some woman's butt.

Is their a dfference between their crimes? Is one worse than the other?

If you vote for politicians who support No Restriction abortons (almost all of the Democrat party), then don't insult our intelligence by calling yourself Prolife and saying you truly care for these innocent viable lives.

Sitar(3682) Disputed
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I and my mother are prolife Democrats...............................................................................

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Both the left and the right need to keep their agendas out of science and out of the schools.

You stupid fucking SJW lefty fucktards need to stop turning schools into LGBT indoctrination camps and you stupid conservative christians need to stop trying to get the real science of evolution out of schools.

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Both the left and the right need to keep their agendas out of science and out of the schools.

You stupid fucking SJW lefty fucktards need to stop turning schools into LGBT indoctrination camps and you stupid conservative christians need to stop trying to get the real science of evolution out of schools.

I agree with all of this. I would just add that it is definitely not just evolution that we should be concerned about. If a person truly understands any one fact/theory/idea from Science/Humanities, then the entirety of the common peoples Mammal Snow Globe World collapses. Therefore, there is a serious effort to get the children to not truly understand anything in regards to knowledge about ourselves (humans) and/or the Universe that has been discovered thus far. Furthermore, it is deemed extremely dangerous to even teach children basic critical thinking skills because if a person were a deep thinker, they would inevitably stumble upon at least one discovery from science/humanities which would have a "Domino effect" causing the entire structure to fall down

In short, our problems concerning miseducation and under-education are much more grave then merely SJW and/or Religious indoctrination, but rather extends to a near complete void of knowledge unless it is externally found (i.e.not a product of the traditional education system, self-studied/explored, ect.) and outright hostility hatred toward intellectualism

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I agree 100%

Of course there is a lot more to it then what I mentioned but someone like FromWithin won't be able to process this so I kept it simple.

The school system is designed to do two things, indoctrinate you into world of institutions, social constructs and superstition (whether they be spiritual superstitions or the superstition of social constructs and the projection of internal subjective contrivances into the real world) and to teach you to memorize a series of algorithms which help you serve the institutions of society without promoting the actual comprehension or analysis of a subject on a truly meaningful level. What they do not teach is independence or critical thinking, they fundamentally teach memorization, obedience and mindless acceptance of whatever the "authority" says.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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You don't listen too well. Christians want no theories in schools when it comes to how we came to be.

The evolution of mankind is not based on scientific proof. I have no problem teaching about fossils and such, but it is a huge leap to go from the science of fossils of animals, and then declare that man's complex DNA randonly evolved from the ape.

If you ketp your responses to non vulgarity, you might have continued this debate.

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Gender is not biological; it is psychological. So gender will never be in biology books.

Just as there is a variety of personalities, there is a variety of genders. It's all psychology. What is so absurd about that ?

FromWithin(8266) Clarified
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I don't know what planet you live on, but we have had millions of people throughout the past, saying the same things as you... such as

They will never force every State to allow Gay marriage.

They will never force every public school to allow so called Transgender boys in our daughter's bathrooms. Obama and the Democrat Party just tried to do it.

They will never force tax payers to pay for killing unborn babies.

They wil never allow No Restriction abortions.

They will never censor a communty's freedom to choose or not choose, to display a nativity scene on those tax payer's public land.

They will never have Gay awareness days in schools.

They will never force a Christian family owned business to cater things that go against their faith.

I could go on and on about things that people said could never happen, yet they are happening every day. I guarantee you if the Progressive Left gets their way, our biology books will be changed, and will be speaking to these unnatural sexual orientations as now being the new biological normal.

Gypsee(340) Disputed
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It is quite difficult to respond to this because you are basically asking me to trust your gut feeling about this.