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Have You Ever Had A Wish Come True?


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I guess. But I'm not going to automatically put it down to me wishing for it. Or some sort of force granting my wish. It was probably coincidental. When I blew out the candles on my 21st birthday I asked that my boyfriend would ask me to marry him. That night he did. In a literal sense my wish did come true. However I am skeptical about it being granted by someone or something.

Edit: I did not ask me that my boyfriend would ask me to marry me. I always make the oddest typos.

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I'm married myself.

Chances are, if you're in that situation, then yes, you've had a wish come true in your lifetime.

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I wished that my daughter would survive in my stomach during the bad times I was going through at that time. and in having that wish come true I also got the opportunity to learn what it's like to be a mother since I could never have anymore kids.

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Not really huge dreams. But, my day to day wishes usually boon a lot! I have often realized that gradually all that I've always wanted in Life is actually happening now!

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I wished so much to get into a my school and I got in. I wished at my birthday, when I caught a falling leaf and when ever I could!

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yes^^ my wishes come true but after some period of time...

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I wished for a set of certified and authorized Beatles autographs and my wish did come true.

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No i can honestly say i haven't, at least not to the best of my recollection, the minds of men and women can only influence the outside world to the extent to which they enact their judgement upon it, i have been on this planet long enough to realise (without the need to bring objective truth in to this argement) that action is the only force that makes anything come true(comes true is also up for debate), this is why my profile pic symbolises Karma. I know you will have heard of this before but i don't think many of those who read this will have a true appreciation for it.

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Not Really .

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