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Ummm, no comment! I would never!
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Have You Lied or Misrepresented the Truth to Win a Debate?

Ummm, no comment!

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I would never!

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Well... I'm sure I said some shit that was just stupid... I do it all the time.

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Not intentionally, though I have accidentally made false statements before. Usually though, it's dealing with some sort of science (recently I made a wee booboo on the genetic code) so I rarely get corrected.

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I'd rather win without lying.... .

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Admit it! You know you all have...

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I can't say I ever have. Not knowingly, at least.

On a similar note, I'm not sure I can say I have ever "won" a debate, either. Not here, anyways.

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Well, no one can really say if they won a debate or not? It's a matter of opinion unless you accept the whole 'point' thing as the truth?

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Not in the sense of intellectual dishonesty. But I've used hypothetical scenarios or played the devils advocate where I argue something illogical to prove point, but I've always acknowledged they're illogical. My tactic to winning debates is simple: Be right.

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No, there's no point to doing that...sticking to the facts of the matter speaks volumes.

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