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Seems that way. Rather uninspiring content.
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Have we reached the, ''move on, nothing to see here'', point on CD?

No point ''flogging a dead horse''. 

Seems that way.

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Rather uninspiring content.

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It's 90 percent advertising. Back when I first joined it was already on its last legs as a platform, but even the diehard trolls have left. If you scroll through the debate list it's genuinely hard to find anything which could be construed as a debate.

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Norwich(1576) Clarified
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Would it be constructive if we tried to analyse why the forum has reached nadir?


Too much of an unregulated free-for-all.

Interactions involved more personal insults than rational discourse.

Participants just became indifferent to the topics presented for discussion.

I am of the opinion that the subject matters dredged up from a few years ago are of greater appeal that more recent themes.

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Would it be constructive if we tried to analyse why the forum has reached nadir?

I think you've mostly covered it buddy. When I first got here the biggest problem was Bronto's alt army, which he was using to hijack anything opposed to his far right politics, but then random advertisers began to creep onto the platform and they've completely taken over. I don't believe in censorship, but there has to be limits to what people are allowed to do otherwise this is the result.

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excon(18262) Clarified
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Would be be constructive if we tried to analyse why the forum has reached nadir?

Hello N:

Sure.. Let's start with the proposition that, when free, some people will misbehave. It's like a town with no stop signs. When people are allowed to speed through intersections, they'll eventually kill everybody.


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Topical subjects are pretty well non-existent while personal put downs have lost their shock value.

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I remember linking to a video of Walmart the high cost of low prices. Monopoly and monopsony, I can't even find that argument anymore. Too much spam from people trying to sell stuff.

The company store was a vile historic example as the song below shows.

Sixteen tons song. Monopoly and monopsony company store.
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We've all tired with the character assassination of Trump by the F.B.I., and the endless stream of gaffs of Biden and Camala.

So, it really is time to move on.

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I think the problem is a lack of new users and search engine algorithms. Blaming createdebate is the easy answer, but it is possible Andy did nothing wrong. I've seen plenty of websites basically die off from drive by malware attacks and bad luck.

To make an analogy imagine you have a thriving mom and pop store. Then, suddenly a massive big box store opens up next to you. Due to leverage they can sell at cheaper prices. Unless you do something extraordinary you are going out of business.

The Internet has changed, even if the people haven't. I think this website makes money off of advertisement. Yet, ad revenues have decreased for a long time now. Which results in less money to remove spam accounts and bots.

Just look at all the news articles behind paywalls that were not in 2015. Furthermore, AI has gotten better and cheaper. Meaning more spam bots.

Believe me there are plenty of people and topics people want to debate on. I consider myself a liberal but there are many liberals that we disagree with just about everything.

I blame the search engine algorithms, try searching the name of a debate from website and see if you can even find createdebate. I can get an old debate to load but still like no 10 on search engine.

I do love that this website allows you to post anonymously your most wild ideas without fear of cancel culture.

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