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Have you ever noticed, how Nom bans people who disagree, with him?

Hey Nom, are you 2 years, old?


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Hootie(364) Banned
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Hey Nom, are you 2 years, old?

Hi Dana. Say, do you project your own behaviour onto other people much? Oh, of course you do. What am I even saying?

Let me give you the actual reason why I have been banning you from my debates lately, just in case you ever get bored of inventing your own my dear.

You are a ludicrously ignorant, dangerously psychotic hillbilly who just two days ago treated us all to a total rejection of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica's entry on communism. Your support for doing so was, if I recall correctly, because the Encyclopaedia Brittanica is "a troll encyclopaedia" 😆

So, the point I am making is that I have been banning you because you don't appear to know what a debate is. In a debate, if the encyclopedia says you're wrong, you're wrong.

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You are Nom, and until Nom allows me on his debates, and stops aggressing upon my rights, you are not welcome here.

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He's a little bitch Dana. Don't read any of the crap he posts 😆

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