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 Have you ever recommended this site to anyone? (30)

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Have you ever recommended this site to anyone?

I was thinking about it today. I know a few people that debate well. I am just not sure they would take an online debate seriously. Has anyone ever recommended this site?

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Several people actually.

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Excuse me, how so you delete comments? I wish to delete the person who posted "SPAM" repetitively.

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You can't delete other people's comments? But I'm sure you know that... besides, that's just Prodigee. He's "special"... it's best to just ignore him.

Havn't meet anyone that enjoys debating so nope.

Doesn't hurt to try though.

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You see I want to bring them here, but I am not sure they will enjoy online debating as much as they enjoy debating realistically.

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The only way to find out is to ask them.

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And there we go.... Prodigee just character-bombed your debate... as predicted.

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Yes I have to my real life friends but they think its stupid to debate and such. One of my friends has an account on here but he doesn't go on all that much.

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my sister. she finally did make one. otherwise, lots of other friends. a few have been on here. but not all of them were as interested.

I recommend it to my roommates and political science majors I meet.

Much as I wanted more people around, I cant do that because not everyone is open to debates. Normal people tend to shy away from conflicts. Especially those that risks their philosophies in life.

Little do they know that you cannot attain wisdom without being questioned

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I recommended it to a friend of mine in school. Heres his CD add him as a friend !

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Why would I add him as an ally when you haven't even done that? Pshht! Some friend you are.

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Haha he hasn't accepted it yet la. Sorry if you guys were thinking i was advertising is account :(

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How do you add someone as a friend on here? You would have to show me how this is done.

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you accept the Ally Request.

is that why you haven't gotten any allies? other than srom i mean.? :O