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 Have you noticed how these vulgar bigoted haters on this site are most times on the Left? (2)

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Have you noticed how these vulgar bigoted haters on this site are most times on the Left?

Why do you suppose this is? Have you heard the saying birds of a feather flock together?

If you possess some semblance of intelligence, you might ask yourself why Progressivism attracts the childish morons of the world.

This goes hand in hand with the Left's refusal to speak to irresponsibility, accountablity for one's choices, morality, etc. etc.

It's the no fault part of Liberalism that attracts the lowest denonminator of human kind. Millenials hate the notion of responsibility and accounntability for their choices in life. They want others to support them no matter how irresponsibly they chose to live.

Insecure people choosing to live promiscuous lives, choosing to abort the results of their promiscuity, are the very people in bed with the radical Left wing in the Democrat Party.

You might notice that the activist LGBT groups are also in bed with the Left and Democrat Party.

You might also notice how these groups most times hate Christianity, when it speaks to personal responsibiity, fidelity, protecting innocent life, etc.

There is no coincedence when chidish anti Christian bigots on this site side with the Left.

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Now we will listen to Leftists telling us how White supremace groups vote more often for Republicans.

This is probably true, but guess what? Republicans are not promoting these racist group's agendas. These racist groups are a very small part of people who vote for the GOP, and only do so because the GOP is not into identity politics and promoting the agendas of Special interest groups.

But don't let that stop your twisting of the truth.

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The childish bigoted haters on this site will vote for the Left, and the very reason Leftists pander to the irresponsible deab beats of the world.