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 Hay Lefty's is a Black Gun scary to you and possibly Racist ! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!! (6)

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Hay Lefty's is a Black Gun scary to you and possibly Racist ! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!

Should that Armalite Rifle be covered in the Skittles Flag ??????
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"The new Democratic gun control agenda boils down to something the Center for American Progress says: "Dangerous people should not be able to easily acquire guns." That means universal background checks. It means more robust mental health requirements for gun ownership. And it means preventing particular populations of people from buying guns legally — including suspected terrorists and domestic abusers."

Strangely enough the Vox article did not mention confirmed felons that have served time in the penitentiary and are we under the assumption that those felons would legally purchase a firearm.

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The Rainbow Warriors need to petition the gun manufacturers in New York with hopes of a Skittles AR - 15 !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Look at the caveman wave around his shiny new black club!!!!

OMG, he's so awesome. Owning a lethal weapon is literally the most amazing thing anybody could ever do with their life!!

I mean, it isn't as if they'll sell literally any retard a lethal weapon. Oh heavens no.

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Can you tell me if the Governor of New York State has condemned the firearms made in Ilion , New York ????????? Could be the Governor of New York State is more into profit and does not care about selling Retard Leftist weapons ! What ya think DUMMY ??????????

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You are ignorant but let me help you out !!!!!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ilionremingtonarmsbushma.html

By The Associated Press

ILION, N.Y. (AP) — Not everyone here works at the Remington factory, but everyone knows someone who does. The big brick complex looms above the rooftops of the modest wood-frame homes. And Ilion can look more like a factory with a village than a village with a factory.

"Remington is Ilion. Ilion is Remington," said Mayor John Stephens.

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Remington has been intertwined with Ilion since shortly after Eliphalet Remington crafted a flintlock rifle on his father’s forge in 1816. Even the elementary school shares the company’s name. Company officials did not respond to calls seeking comment, but locals say the factory employs about 1,200 and also produces Bushmaster, Marlin and H&R products.

Parts of the Remington Arms Co. factory, with its imposing four-story front of brick and old-style, multi-paned windows, date back to the days when upstate New York was a manufacturing powerhouse. But factory jobs have become rarer in the string of modest towns along the Mohawk River, and Ilion, with about 8,000 residents, depends heavily on Remington Arms Co.

DUMMY are the citizens of a DEMORAT STATE cavemen for making the firearms you so oppose ???????? Step up STUPID and show your IGNORANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!