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 Hello boys and girls! (16)

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Hello boys and girls!

Just doing a drop in. How are things? Joe, hellno, Andy? You gentlemen still on?
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Hell o pops in and out. I now go by jolie. How have you been? How's life treating you? I got fat, a gray beard and my joints hurt. I now wear glasses and use hearing aids. I guess life has been treating me like a baby treats a diaper ;)

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Same here. Kind of. Haha my knees hurt now. But life is good. Good to see you're still causing trouble.

Are you still dancing or did some trans appropriate the gig? I want to join some protected group but they won't have me. I'm too much of a rabble-rouser ;)

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SAURBABY. I missed you mom .

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Did you? Haha how are you? :)

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