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Helpful or harmful?

Would an AI that is capable of learning be good for society as a whole or would it be more harmful?
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Even if it did 99 good things, if it did a bad thing, it'd be harmful. Without even getting into a Battlestar Galactica scenario, what happens if your AI hurts someone or kills someone? Are you responsible for your AI's assault? What if it sexually goes after someone? Are you now a paedophile? These are the things we need to know...

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Are you saying that one bad bad apple spoils the bunch when talking about action? Also, who defines whether or not an action is good or bad? How do you know that this AI hurting or killing someone is bad every single time no matter what?

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I don't. But if it rapes the dog, and then turns on your kid, you tell me. Now imagine that it won't turn off when you push the off button and begins humping the carpet like a grubworm and fondling the drapes like a pornstar.