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 Here are today's priorities when electing politicians. Life & death loses to accusations. (3)

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Here are today's priorities when electing politicians. Life & death loses to accusations.

So now according to people on the Left, a person is guilty until proven innocent! Moore is accused of something from the past, and just now as he is running for office it comes out. Gee, does that smell funny?

One thing Conservatives know for a FACT, is that the Democrat Party supports NO RESTRICTION ABORTIONS.

That is not accusations, that is fact!

So on a scale of priorities, which is worse? Accusations of sexual misconduct years ago and only now being used as a political tool, or, the facts that the Democrat Party keeps No Restriction abortions, for healthy viable unborn babies, legal up to birth.

Yes, Republicans hold their nose and side with life and death issues verses accusations of sexual misconduct from decades ago.

Republicans understand priorities in life.

Lets see, which is worse..... an accusations of sexual misconduct years ago, or supporting the testing for and killing of even viable Special needs babies for merely being diverse and different.

Hmmmmmmm, that's a hard one...... for Democrats that is!

The next time they parade Special Olympic children around a track field, I want you to rememer you would rather support killing them for being different and diverse, verses voting for someone accused of past sexual misconduct.

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So for all you people who claim to be against No Restriction late term abortions, why is it your votes never reflect your so called phoney concern for those healthy viable lives?

You are so quick to ignore this inhumanity when voting against Repubicans.


First off, "innocent until proven guilty" is a concept appropriate for judges and juries, not voters. You don't need proof beyond a reasonable doubt to punish your children, leave a cheating spouse, fire an employee, or deny your vote. There is a much lower threshold that need to be met for these than to send someone to prison. I am pretty sure if I went digging through your posts on Hillary I would find that you understand this very well.

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Thanks once again for completely ignoring the point of the debate. PRIORITIES?

The priorities of those who vote for Democrats are completely backwards. Would you support the killing of an innocent viable life,more so than electing someone who may have sexually harrassed someone.

What's worse is that these politicians who may have sexually harrassed a woman, do not support laws making it legal to do so!!!!!!

Can you grasp what I am saying? Yes, maybe they have sinned in the past, but they do not wants laws making it legal to abuse women!

The Democrat Party fights to keep current laws allowing States to kill healthy viable late term babies for any reason up to birth.

There is not a politician in the world who supports making sexual abuse legal!

Do you honestly think Congress might someday craft a Bill that makes it legal to sexually abuse a woman or child, and therefore a Roy Moore could be the deciding vote on making it legal?

Newsflash, the GOP has tried to limit abortions to 20 weeks (unless extreme case exceptions) and the Democrat Party in one unanimous voice always says NO!

That one vote from Roy Moore could save thousands of innocent lives!