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Here is Joe_Cavalry's Utopia

OK, please bear with me and don't give up reading half way through.  I promise to tie it all in at the end.

I see life as a video game and the world as the gaming console.  The different places (country, state, city, whatever) sets the boundaries for a given game.  The world can support many different games.

So..., if you want to be a pirate, go to Somalia.  If you want to be a terrorist, go to where the terrorist are.  You want to play Mafia Wars, find a family and see if you become a "made man."  The different games are almost endless.  The problem we currently have is that these games cross boundaries.  For example, those playing terrorist cross over into the lives of those trying to play a romantic comedy. 

In my Utopia, people can go to a specific place and play that specific game but they can't go to a specific place and play a different game.  That way we can have a place where gay marriage is the norm and another place where marriage is only between a man and a woman.  A place where monogamy is the norm and a place where polygamy is the norm.  There would be a place for pople who believe in abortion and a place for liberals and a place for conservatives, etc.  And people would be able to leave a game at any time and not be forced to stay and play.

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The problem with this Utopia is that it's all fun and games until people start killing each other.

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Would the 'players' be aware of the existence of other 'games'?

Of course. You aware of those other games and you are free to go there and play.

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In that case, this wouldn't work, because people would be to busy trying to impose their morality on the players of other games.

The Pro-Life games on the Pro-Choice games and vice versa, the Religious Zealots on the Gay games, the Terrorists on the Christian games...etc etc etc.

The natural human tendency to dominate would make it impossible for anyone to be content in their game.

At least, the way I look at it.

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We already have such places... they are called "homes".

You already have the ability to play whatever game you wish in your home.

Saffron(94) Disputed
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The argument Joe seems to be making goes beyond that. If abortion is illegal within your jurisdiction, you can not perform the procedure. The same is true with all types of things, Gay marriage, Gambling, Terrorism, etc etc.

Argento(512) Disputed
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I think you'll find that Joe's "argument" isn't an argument at all.

It's not even an idea that has been thought through for more than a milli-second.

It's yet another example of the shallow garbage that is spouted by individuals who hate or cannot comprehend the fact that people are diverse.

It is foolish to presume that just because someone likes Gambling, that they would get along well with other people who also like Gambling, in a place where Gambling is allowed. Or that Terrorists would get along with other Terrorists on the basis that they are both Terrorists.

So Joe's Utopia would require for us to rearrange the terrain in such a way that each one of us lives on an island, alone.

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That's not true. In a Muslim society a woman cannot decide she doesn't want to wear a burka and leave the country to live in a place where she doesn't have to. Especially since in those societies they don't allow women to get an education or have their own money.

Education = job = money = freedom .... I know, simplistic but you get the point.

Muslim society is against freedom. What_do_feminist_and_radical_Muslims_have_in_common

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So I could have three wives in one utopia get sick of them and move to another utopia and marry a goat? I'll stick with America.

Is this a joke regarding my [serious] post on my debate 'Animal Pornography,' in which I said that a Sudanese man married a goat after he was caught copulating with it.

Are you suggesting that my Utopia requires that a place be set aside for goat copulating Sudanese?

Ah, sweet mysteries of life... broken by an internet addict who spends his time cracking jokes.

If only life were that simple - it is not as if you press 'play again' after 'game over,'. When it is 'game over,' it is REALLY 'game over.'

Well see...., that's where reincarnation comes in. Once it says, "game over" you get to try again until you get it right ;)

Your Utopia seems more like a heterotopia in the way it operates.

Really? How so? Sounds like you have homotopia on your mind ;)

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Why can't we all instead play the same game and not care about anyone's affairs besides our own?

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This utopia sounds good, but if some one commits a crime in one utopia, and then moves to a different utopia, is he still in the jurisdiction of the other utopia, so that he can be prosecuted for his crime?

We are too hung up on punishing ourselves and each other. Have you known animals to punish each other?

But I would allow punishment. I would support a quick punishment. Not keeping someone in jail for years. Mainly because it doesn't really rehabilitate anyone (it doesn't work) and also because I don't want to pay for it. Just whip the guy, cut off his hand, shoot him in the head, I don't care, just get it done and over with.

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I agree with your thoughts on jail. So if people can be prosecuted utopia for what they did in another utopia, this utopia sounds good.