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 Here's the IQ of Leftists... If some Nazi voted for Trump, Trump must be a Nazi! (7)

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Here's the IQ of Leftists... If some Nazi voted for Trump, Trump must be a Nazi!

So if you possess a brain stem, and on election day a Nazi or Muslim terrorist votes for one or the other Party, does that make the person he voted for a Nazi or Muslim terrorist?

Now remember, you must first possess a brain stem to be a part of this conversation.

So using the Left's logic against Trump, when a Muslim terrorist voted for Obama, then Obama was a terrorist as well?

Wait, what, you say no? You say that you are a Liberal living in constant double standard hypocrisy, so you only apply this reasoning when it is a Republican you are trying to smear.

Ok, I get it, so go ahead and spew your childish vulgar insults towards me before I ban you. I'm glad I'm at least making you work for your hatred. You must get tired of constantly making new aliases in order to spew your hatred for Conservatives.

You are only going to get one shot at insulting me, so I want you to cover all the bases...

You can start out with the Democrat standard... tell me how I am deplorable and irredeemable for my Conservative beliefs. Then quickly move on to Nazi, Racist, xenophobe, misogynist, Zealot, hate monger, homophobe, Islamophobe, Bible Thumper, Fundamentalist, child beater, wife beater, etc.

I wonder why these childish Leftists spend time on Debate sites, because they refuse to actually debate. I guess they've taken a Que from the Democrat Party's constant witch hunts against Trump.
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Jason Kessler is an open Nazi who voted for Obama. Farrakhan defends Nazis.

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So I suppose, if a Pedophile voted for a Democrat, the Democrat must be a Pedophile?

Your logic defies rational thought.

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Sure. I Trump ever votes for Hillary, that will make her a racist.

FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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No if a Democrat who tries to keep African Americans tied to Government dependence votes for Hillary, she would also be a racist.

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The left calling Trump a "Nazi" nonstop will do only one thing. Reduce how bad Hitler was in the eyes of future generations.

You'll call someone a Nazi in the future, and the kids will think, "hmmm...Nazis are eccentric, old, funny, orange men who fight for prison reform and the economy and make Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Nazis must have not been so bad..."

Congrats on that.

Amarel(5135) Clarified
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Everyone tends to immediately forget how stupid their side is on a given issue. I think it will be the same here. Future generations...hell, current generations in the future will not remember how ridiculously they acted with all the Nazi rhetoric. The villainy of Hitler will be preserved.

Yes, It's amazing that Hitler loved the Jews so much he recognized Jerusalem as their capital and moved his embassy there.

I guess Nazi's were actually pro Israel. Trump is opening the world's eyes.

Following the same logic, most of the prison population votes Democrat, so that means Liberals are murderers, rapists, and pedophiles.

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You are exactly correct. If the Left is going to constantly use that ludicrous rationale, then they must also use it against Democrats, but of course we know they will NEVER do that.