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Hey Cowards! (And fellow True Debators, too!)....

To all you little cowards who don't posses the intellect to either understand or argue my posts, but rather just whine like a little bitch with a skinned knee and then downvote them for no reason, other than they are mine...well today I have some good news for you all1!

I SlapShot, resident Genius, Intimidator, Outspoken Atheist, and Destroyer of All Inferior Debates, is winding his time down here.

I mentioned on that "What are you doing this Summer?" debate why. As part of a Summer Sabbatical Biology Program me and six other Life Sciences post-grad students here at UM are going to the Costa Rican jungles for three months!

Starting to prep for the trip this week. Leaving in two weeks!

Gotta spend as much time as I can before I go with Robyn. She bitches about me spending too much time here on CD anyway.

Big people with big minds debate and present their points. ANd present facts and links.

Little people do not do this. They lurk and stay silent.

And then at the bottom of the food chain we have those hapless and sad little twits who are too afraid to confront. But rather just sit at home at Mom & Dads and downvote the posts of the elite. Lots of envy and resentment at work!


To all you who have engaged in spirited debates with me. Thanks!

Grenache; Saint Now; FromWithin (sometimes!); Pantagruel; ProLogos; IamSpartacus; guys are OK in my book, even if I disagree with you a lot.

But that's the point of these forums, eh?

Adios.........see ya in the Fall!

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My sympathies to Costa Rica...

4 points

Bye Slap Nuts! We look forward to your next persona. .


2 points

FapShot is Fromwithin and Saintnow! Conspiracy? I think not!

2 points

Mmmm.. no. As fake as Slap Nuts is, he's not stupid. FromWithin/Saintnow is a little stooopid.

2 points

Hmm....saint Slapshot!

Has a nice ring to it!

True quote from CrapLot.

3 points

Poor Saintnow will be heartbroken.

1 point

So has Robyn read this already: ?

If she has, and still is your fiance...then this Is Slapshotgoingtohell

will be a wonderful wedding gift from you.

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LOL...that was actually pretty funny, Oats.

No, Robby is not going with us.

But I am ever faithful!

LadyLinkstar(415) Clarified
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Oh look.... Your back. Looks like saintnow will have someone to bitch to. How's the fiance ?

I've been to Costa Rica. If you can, you should check out a coffee plantation and ask for peaberry coffee. It's the second best kind of coffee in the world. Also, don't bother checking out the volcanos, it's just a bunch of rocks and a big crater covered in fog, not worth the hike. But I imagine you will be too busy sweating like a pig out in the jungle.

And we should know because ??????????

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Enjoy your trip. Beware of Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica. Apparently that's the real Jurassic Park island.

1 point

On the plus side: Have fun!

On the negative side: Now that Saintnow isn't gonna debate with you he's gonna start heckling the crap out of me.

1 point

Remember the gospel so if you get bit by a deadly poisonous critter, you can still call upon the name of the Lord and be saved.....

Hoping to see you in Heaven....sometimes it was grueling, that thanks for the battles

Saint Now

1 point

I had a calendar with a pic much like this one....with a Bible verse at the bottom...

"Deep calleth unto deep; at the noise of they waterspouts, the fountains are broken up"

1 point

Or maybe it was this verse...I think I had one of each with similar pictures.....

"He brought streams also out of the rock, and caused waters to run down like rivers"

1 point

Jesus will be in you a river of living waters springing up to eternal life if you will believe on Him and receive Him by faith.

Cuaroc(8827) Clarified
5 points

Is that your version of talking dirty to Slapshot?

Yes sirree Bob, that's me all over. I'm a very sensitive devout coward who much prefers butterfly collecting and flower arranging than engaging in nasty and vicious debates. As a piece of trivia, that photograph is very representative of Glenariff Glen in the Glens of Antrim'' Northern Ireland.