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 Hey... I'm back! And still nothing has changed. (7)

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Hey... I'm back! And still nothing has changed.

I'm back... and still nothing has changed here at Createdebate. Liberals versus Conservatives, ego versus ego. I guess somethings don't change on their own. So I'm here to ask you for a temporary cease fire, for the questions I am about to ask: Despite conflicting viewpoints, hatred of each others part, what is the goal of politics? Is it for the good of the people or the political parties involved? Why do we hate each other so much? 
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: Despite conflicting viewpoints, hatred of each others part, what is the goal of politics? Is it for the good of the people or the political parties involved? Why do we hate each other so much?

I think you have an interesting question there. At one point in time politicians were supposed to be the voice of the people, yet I think both sides can agree, it hasn't quite worked out too well. Republicans have their pluses and minuses in what they bring to the table just as Democrats do and it's really up to us to sort through the mess. As it is now, politicians vote to increase their own pay and vote to remove benefits for others. If they were so keen on the healthcare bill they want to pass to the people they are supposed to represent, why then do they not have it themselves?

I don't think most Republicans or Democrats hate each other. I truly don't. This site and anonymity bring out the worst in people and several others who lean towards extremism find strength in that. I also have a suspicion that the government knows if we united we would be more powerful than they can handle so the best way to do that is to create pandering information towards each side that is designed to pit us against each other. I obviously can't back that up with evidence but it is a suspicion.

Welcome back by the way.

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Hey, I:

Nice to meet you.. Politics is war WITHOUT the shooting. Is it GOOD for people??? Well, it's better than shooting..

Why do I HATE my opposition??? Let's just take the vote that's happening as I type... The Republicans are taking health care away from millions of people, and those people will DIE in the streets.. So, you should excuse me if I'm not especially FOND of right wingers..


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You complete deceptive liar! All Americans who can not afford life insurance are given life threatening healthcare through medicaid.

This is yet one more reason why both Parties are at war with each other. Democrats like you are deceptive liars on most every issue.

Just remember, Trump according to Democrats hates ALL MEXICANS, not just illegal ones.

Just remember, Trump according to Democrats hates ALL MUSLIM REFUGEES, not just possible terrorists.

Just remember, Trump according to Democrats hates ALL WOMEN, when he does not support funding even No restriction abortions.

Just remember, Trump according to Democrats hates sick people, even though Obamacare is collapsing and could never provide free unrestricted healthcare for all.

What a joke!

Isocrates(42) Disputed
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Hey just a question for you FromWithin ,if you are such a Christian, why do you not heed what Jesus has said? I mean  “Judge not lest you be judged” (Matthew 7:1) is pretty damn clear, oh and “He who is without sin cast the first stone” (John 8:7) is too. Unless you feel exempt... Anyway I just asked for a cease fire, but like usual somebody has to get defensive (or offensive depending how you look at it). Such as life...

Well clearly something has changed because this handsome basted is here now. Also frankly I dont think anyone truly despises a member of the opposite political party (with the exception of the devout crusader Bronoraptor). Everyone generally wants the same thing. The question is, what is the best way to get there. And naturally it varies from person to person. Besides people argue about much more inane topics than politics like the Kardashians and sich. So there is nothing wrong with some heated political debate.

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It's amazing you have to ask that question.

Obviously you have no clue why Christians and Conservtives fight against Democrats and Liberalism.

Uness you have lived on some other planet these past 50 years, the Democrat Party has become so extreme that they support even NO RESTRICTION abortions of viabe late term babies for any reason at any stage.

I don't know about you, but the issue of infanticide is a pretty important issue to most Americans who possess any sense of humanity. Killing a viable baby weeks from birth is nothing less than infanticide.

Issues such as these are why Bible believing Christians and Conservatives fight so hard against the Left. We actually care about an innocent human life. Go figure.

The reason why the Left fights so hard against Christians and Conservatives, is because they want the right to NO RESTRICTION abortions, so they can live as promiscuously as they like, and be able to kill the product of their choices. It's the no fault anything goes mindset who want no consequences for irresponsible choices made. If a child gets in their way, KILL IT AT ANY STAGE!

So there you have the reasons for our dissention all these decades.

Woudn't you thnk the Democrat Party would at least just try just once to compromise with the GOP and put limits of abortions to 20 weeks (with extreme case exceptions) as the Gop has tried to.

Democrats refuse to compromise! They are beholden to the radical feminist and abortion lobbies.

Until the Left actually moves toward the middle and a compromise, this confict between Parties will never end.