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They are. They are not.
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Hey liberals: Admit that pedophiles are disgusting.

They are.

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They are not.

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If You ask most of the Liberal Democrat Party, they will admit that pedophiles are disgusting.

However, even though there are many, many Liberal Democrats who are wonderful and caring people with a sense of basic morals and kindness. The CORE of the Liberal Democrat Party is very disgusting.

Because, little children have no real understanding of sexual identity, even if they were exposed to visual sexual content and or even physically molested, they still would never understand until they were matured and at the age of puberty.

Children have questions about why they have different body parts from the opposite sex but that is as far as it goes..

I believe that many people who are Liberal Democrats and the Catholislamic religions that are made up of mostly Liberal Democrat voters have been harmful to little children regarding their sexuality.

With Liberal Democrat they spend millions of dollars building great campaign propagandizing the idea that little children can know if they are Transgender or Gay / Homosexual / Female gender or male at a very, very early age. They set up programs and laws and mandates in order to cause a breakdown in their Conservative Republican political opponents and in the family structure and family unit, to attack the system by enacting and exaggerating the idea that children are being neglected and disrespected sexually because children have knowledge of their sexual preference and pre-knowledge about their gender and sexuality but the political opponents { Conservatives / Republicans } somehow have not accommodated the children's sexual needs.

The Liberal Democrats acts if a little child knows something about their sexual identity and the Liberal Democrats also acts as if THEY know something about the child's sexual identity.

But when a religious man molests a little boy, suddenly all of the Liberal Democrat fantasy and role-playing and - projection that they project onto the little children suddenly goes out the door and the Liberal Democrat finger ONLY points at the religion itself, instead of the homosexual lust that the adult male is forcing onto the male child.

Suddenly the child has no sexuality and awareness of His gender because He is suddenly too young and the religious person who molested the child also has no understanding about the sexual identity of the Child. HERE THE FINGERS are always pointed to the religion = They pretend that a priest or religious homosexual man who hides His homosexuality to keep His religious status and job is somehow deserving a special privilege or a right that He deserves giving Him an exclusive right to His privacy about the fact that HE is a homosexual who is attracted to little boys. The Liberal Democrat demands that the religious child molester is exclusively, suddenly somehow been rendered as unable to understand anything about the Child’s male gender..

Which all makes it a Non-Homosexual act because the gay priest denies that He is gay.

And Roman Catholics also play along pretending that the man is simply confused or mentally unstable instead of acknowledging that He is a homosexual.

Liberal Democrats demand that sex act involving a man and a little boy is somehow suddenly not a homosexual act committed by the adult when the man is a part of a religion.

And the child molester’s sexuality is hidden in concealment, confidentiality, isolation, retreat and privacy and confusion and unfamiliarity because He is too religious to be a real homosexual even in eyes of the Roman Catholics around Him. We see that Catholics, Muslims and Liberal Democrats and Atheists have aligned themselves against The Bible and Christians and Conservatives as they ignore the differences between themselves. The core of their very perverted goals that are goals that attempt to destroy the Bible Believing Christians.

This same overpowering force is what unites them against The Truth and God.

The goal is to hide the fact that rape of children destroys their sexuality and is harmful and manipulating and controlling = as Catholics, Muslims and Liberal Democrats and Atheists all use this as a tool to control and maintain power and manipulation as also Muslims follow Mohammad who raped a nine-year-old little child. Mohammad knew full and well the sexual gender of the little female child that he molested.

Liberal Democrat and Roman Catholics have no problem with this at all. ROMAN CATHOLICS kiss the Quran and pray with Muslims facing Mecca and defend Islam and this molestation and rape event is easily forgotten and put behind them, As long as Catholics continue to play along and remain silent and complicit and ROLE PLAY assimilate and cooperate with the Liberal Democrat that the fantasy that all adult male on boy sexual rape or molestation encounters are not of a homosexual nature and pretend that the Priests homosexuality has nothing to do with it. then Roman Catholics will always be the darling of the left and Muslims will always be the contact and lens and example that the Left will use to represent the Biblical marriage of Abraham.

American Liberals simply love and use and abuse the sexual manipulation that molesting children causes and Roman Catholics, Muslims and Liberal Democrats are ok with being deeply and diversely and variously involved in sexually confusing children and the negativity and mental abuse and confusion and spiritual DESTRUCTION it has upon them and the Bible Believing, Conservative Families, Ideas, Principles and Religious natures from the Bible.

As they cover and hide the fact that the molester is in fact a homosexual or Bi Sexual.. The door is always left open as the molester can never be profiled or identified as anything but a RELIGIOUS MAN. As the Democrat Party spends millions of dollars building great campaigns propagandizing the idea that little children and adults can know if children are Transgender or Gay / Homosexual / Female gender or male at a very, very early age. But when a gay man knows that the boy is a male gender and is trying to force a FEMALE GENDER on the boy suddenly it is not really sexual but an act of an attraction to the innocence, pureness and unawareness and confusion and ignorance of little child, to the enjoyment of the man who is actually in FACT, a homosexual or a Bi sexual or both.

Please join me in understanding these facts and help to educate children about family values before they are taught to pervert that which does not yet exist in their under developed and growing identity.

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Hello CJ,

What, besides the FOX News machine, would have you believe we don’t think that?


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I've never seen pedophilia mentioned on Fox News. I did see them predict who would win the election, that Trump paid a boatload of taxes, that the Russia Collusion narrative would be going for years without anything on Trump, that Trump would meet face to face with Kim, and that the stock market would thrive under Trump. Guess what CNN and MSNBC said...

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outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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Take a read Water Boy you have been punked again LMMFAO

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outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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Do you Brain Dead Progressives know anything ??????

Fox News has nothing to do with your babble Water Boy LMMFAO

Al Gore's Internet proves it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I will admit that they are mentally ill and need to learn how to gain affection (of any kind) from adults by improving their social skills.

I will admit that the act itself is disgusting to most adult human beings on a moral level.

I will not admit that the paedophiles themselves are disgusting because I believe that rehabilitation is the ultimate goal of justice, not retribution.

I agree with the 'deterrence' angle of beating them up in prison but the counterargument is that if you can rehabilitate them and understand how they 'become' what they are you can completely fix society to mitigate childhoods that lead to the adults having got those urges from their childhoods then you'd not need to beat them up.

I support a society where all spy on all at all times and in such a society paedophilia wouldn't work.

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Factology(410) Disputed
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I will not admit that the paedophiles themselves are disgusting

Fascinating, so you are willing to tolerate pedophiles and want to help them overcome their addiction to child rape yet I am the scum of the earth and need to be arrested for calling you a "pussy" on the internet.

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Mingiwuwu(1469) Clarified
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I want to arrest them and rehabilitate them to understand that they can be sexually pleasing to (and receiving from) other adults by first understanding the adult world and social skills there.

These are people who were either:

a) Going to be normal-ish and abused into what they became.

b) Somehow inherently attracted to young people either due to a heightened domination fetish or a feeling they cannot interact well enough with adults and thus conclude they don't need to since the youngsters can satisfy them just fine and are easier to charm as well.

Whether it's the broken paedophile or the off-shoot paedophile both can be rehabilitated to not just want but feel wanted by adults in both romantic and friendship-level interactions.

I would rehabilitate you once arrested too.

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Pedophiles should be locked up for choosing to be pedophiles. They should be sterilized by force. Pedophiles don't have rights.

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Mingiwuwu(1469) Clarified
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The reason being?

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This is very true. If no real consequences are in place for punishing pedophiles then they will continue to rape, molest and hurt children.

If there is 100 % positive evidence - then the pedophile must be punished based on the crime. - Adult repeat offenders are not to be released into the public ever, ever allowed to approach a child.

The death penality could even apply in some cases.

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