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She's stark raving mad She's loony tunes.
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Hillary Loses It - Arf Arf

Hillary Barking at the Moon

Do you really think she is presidential timber?? Really, folks?

She's stark raving mad

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She's loony tunes.

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Someone should have thrown her a bone and brought her to heel. She's great at jumping through flaming rings and catching criminals by the forearm. Are there no limits to this woman's talents?

Side: She's stark raving mad
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This is great news. I really want the "Hilldog" nickname to gain some popularity.

Side: She's stark raving mad

Instead of Hillary Rodham Clinton, how about Hillary Rottweiler Clinton?

Side: She's stark raving mad
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No way. Rottweiler would be a noble name. She should be Havanese Rodham Clinton. A little Cuban toy dog suits her way better.

Side: She's stark raving mad
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She once said that she wouldn't want the job as President, arf arf.

I didn't have a relationship with that woman, arf arf.

Calling the FBI investigation a back round recap, arf arf.

Didn't send any classified mails, arf arf.

Benghazi was a protest due to an anti Muslim video, arf arf.

On and on it goes, The woman is as much of a liar as her compulsive bed hopping husband.

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Hillary is both Looney Tunes and Stark Raving Mad that does not even need to be questioned !

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We need a president who is intentionally humorous.

Side: She's loony tunes.
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I think we need one we can trust and who has our best interests in mind, not Goldman Sachs.

Side: She's loony tunes.
IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
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So that means you don't like Ted Cruz either, right?

Side: She's stark raving mad
ProLogos(2794) Disputed
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Thanks for sharing.

Though, I don't understand why you disputed without arguing.

Side: She's loony tunes.