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 Hillary and Dem's want to buy more votes with free college while our debt is 18 TRILLION! (69)

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Hillary and Dem's want to buy more votes with free college while our debt is 18 TRILLION!

The Democrat party has truly been taken over by extremists who are corrupt politicians who constantly want to buy votes with our tax dollars. I ask you, are all Democrats complete morons or do a few of them have any common sesne at all?

These fools pushing this hogwash are using the same lies as politicians have been saying for decades. They say we should spend more on free College to get all these graduates to grow the economy and then the added tax revenue will cut our debt. LIE, TOTAL LIE! IT NEVER HAPPENS! OUR NATIONAL DEBT NEVER COMES DOWN AFTER A RECOVERY IN OUR ECONOMY! THEY ALWAYS SPEND THE ADDED REVENUE AND NEVER PUT IT TOWARDS THE DEBT! IT ALWAYS KEEPS GOING UP!

Who do you think will pay for free College? THE MIDDLE CLASS AS ALWAYS! Democrats will NEVER raise taxes on lower income people to pay for their free College and the Rich can find ways round the higher taxes.

This is how Democrats spin it to middle class Americans...... they will say they care about the middle class and will help you out with free community College, all while we raise your taxes to do so. How about the middle class that have no kids or they have kids who do not want to go to College? With Democrats it is always TARGETED tax cuts, or subsidies for the certain few who might vote for them.

If they ever taxed ALL Americans who work to pay for these social programs, you would hear a loud voice screaming ...NO FREE COLLEGE!

If they had a decent honest bone in their body they would be finding ways to cut the cost of College rather than CONSTANTLY raising taxes, or making it so easy to take on huge College loan debt, or now trying to give free college which allows Colleges to keep raising tuitions. It's insanity and is done purely for political reasons. Our nation is dieing from corrupt Democrats who refuse to cut spending.

Are the Republicans perfect? No, Bush did not care about cutting spending but he is not the Repubican party. They are the party that at least tries to cut spending, keeps trying to get balanced budget amendments started only to have Democrats tell them it is dead on arrival. The GOP allowed military defense cuts but the Democrats refused to cut any social program spending. The GOP does not try to spend more to buy votes!

It is obvious which party spends and taxes more and to deny so wastes our time. When will the adult intelligent voters start screaming enough is enough? It won't happen from Democrats. They spend all their time worrying about Gay marriage, Global warming, buying votes, going after illegal immigrant votes, taking our guns, etc.


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Obligatory post: You are wrong, like normal.

Now ban me already and let's get this over with. You aren't looking for an actual debate.

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Why were you banned? You have done nothing wrong. .

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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When I look for an actual debate, I know it won't be from you.... that is why I ignore you.

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Responding to someone is actually kind of the opposite of ignoring them.

Atrag(5553) Disputed
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You will look for an actual debate in the future? Hogwash. The FromWithin cartoon character doesnt do that.

Sitar(3682) Disputed
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You are a chicken shit for banning him. He has the right to free speech. He makes me mad, but I respect him.

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If they had a decent honest bone in their body they would be finding ways to cut the cost of College rather than CONSTANTLY raising taxes, or making it so easy to take on huge College loan debt, or now trying to give free college which allows Colleges to keep raising tuitions. It's insanity and is done purely for political reasons. Our nation is dieing from corrupt Democrats who refuse to cut spending.

Wouldn't this involve government oversight of colleges? Isn't that something you are against?

Unfortunately, the amount of spending that you are talking about here is minuscule. The Democrats are proposing paying for a few thousand dollars for each person who gets an AA degree. It is a tiny amount compared to the tens of thousands of dollars of standard 4 year universities. It is good that you bring up the spending issues now before they get really out of hand, but you are overreacting quite a bit.

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Lower military spending. Repeal Obamacare and pass legislation that regulates insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment manufacturers. Make it a heavily regulated monopoly. Healthcare system is similar to the power grid or sewage system. Why is it not run like a regulated monopoly? This way everyone is happy. Privatized and universal.

Just lowering spending on these two will mean a significant surplus to slowly pay off the debt. Some may argue that military boondoggles are the only economy in certain areas, but other government boondoggles can replace those. Instead of dumping the money into a Nimitiz carrier, why not use it on infrastructure with some actual roi.

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Other nations with fewer resources manage to provide free higher education to their constituents. That our budget is so out of balance due to poorly planned expenditures is far more humiliating and asinine than the suggestion that we provide higher education as a social service, particularly as the latter actually yields a return on investment which is more than can be said for some of our historical cash hogs.

MKIced(2510) Banned
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Maybe because funding college tuitions is an investment in the future. Sending young Americans to school will increase the strength of our work force in the long run. It will help in so many facets of society and strengthen the middle class while helping to pull individuals out of the lower class.

And yes, we have huge debt, but guess what! We spend way too much on our military. I support our troops so much, but where the hell is all that money going? In 2015, we spent $610 billion, which is more than the next 8 countries, combined. And yet, republicans like Marco Rubio are advocating for increased military spending, which in my opinion is throwing money away. There is no return on your investment if you spend it on unnecessary military expenditures, but there is potential for huge return if you send people to school.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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I would love it just once if Democrats would EVER pay as much attention to all the waste and fraud in our social programs as they do with the military. It is ALWAYS all about politics with Democrats. They never compromise and cut spending across the board. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they only want to cut military which we are seeing is very much needed with terrorists trying to get a nuclear bomb.

Liberals have taken over the Democrat party and it is bankrupting this nation.

MKIced(2510) Disputed Banned
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So you think the left are the biggest offenders of raising the debt? Then explain to me Ronald Reagan and how his increase in debt compares to Democratic presidents. Keep in mind Reagan was a hardcore, right-wing Republican.

Don't worry, I'll wait.

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Don't act like you give a flying fuck about the debt lol, you guys are so funny. All you really care about is personal greed and forcing your ideology on those that disagree, I see though your bull shit, if you really cared about the debt, where was the conservative voice when Bush started all them Wars, and how about tax breaks to the 1% and over 50% of the nations budget on military spending, you are just mad that Christ is not law, non whites now have a bit of power in the country and your wives now make more money then you.

You can lie to me and everyone else all you want but you can't lie to yourself, I and many see thought all your bull shit.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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You see through nothing. You are the problem in this nation. You judge every conservative who wants to cut our spending and keep our freedoms. Keep bringing up Bush like some kind of nut case! He was never a conservative but rather a big spending democrat. Those wars were voted on by Democrats also but keep spewing pure garbage rhetoric.

We don't want Christ as law, we want to stop you idiots from forcing your political correct humanist man made God down our throats.

Do you know what will help reduce our debt? Strengthening the middle class, and raising taxes. This can be done by taxing the rich more, and the poor less, but overall raising taxes on all. You in favor of that?

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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I'm in favor of cutting spending ACROSS THE Government program excluded. I would like to see the IRS torn apart with a complete overhaul of our complicated, loop hole income tax system where the biggest liars and cheats can claim many deductions to reduce their taxes while the honest people pay more taxes. I would like a flat tax, or sales tax, or anything but what we have. Our complicated tax code benefits those with the best tax accountants. I would like our taxes based purely on our income with no itemizing, etc. What was on the W2 form would be all that was needed for our tax returns. NO MORE IRS NEEDED!


We are taxed enough. Revenue is not the problem because as I said, no matter how much revenue our Government receives, they will spend even more. It's what gets them elected.

I've been watching them raise taxes all my life and that debt just keeps going up and up. Why would you reward politicians who have wasted every dollar ever taken from our paychecks, by letting them take more. If they had been responsible with our money, people would not be so outraged when they raise taxes. They should be cutting spending on every bloated Government programs that have grown and grown over decades.

If there is a tax increase, it should be a % of every worker so all Americans have some sweat in the game. I know of a man who made $18,000 in a year and he got $14,000 back in income taxes. Can you believe that? That is a result of politicians who created all these low income earned income credits, etc. etc. for people with kids who never even paid taxes. Pure give away programs while the middle class is taxed to death.

We must stop penalizing the hard workers and rewarding laziness.

The Rich are taxed enough and pay the vast majority of our taxes. What needs to change is overhauling our tax code, getting rid of loop holes that allow people to get out of paying taxes, and laws that make sure all tax payers pay some taxes.

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The Rich are taxed enough and pay the vast majority of our taxes. What needs to change is overhauling our tax code, getting rid of loop holes that allow people to get out of paying taxes, and laws that make sure all tax payers pay some taxes.

What about the concept of strengthening the middle class? Raising taxes will not pay off the debt, but raising taxes may help alleviate the income inequality. When taxes were higher the rich didn't have such elevated pay and distributed more money to the middle class. It sounded like he was discussing that concept.

Your kind of thinking is why our nation is going bankrupt. Why do people on the Left refuse to admit the obvious and refuse to cut all programs.

What private business does not constantly find ways to cut their expenses and do more with less? Why is it in a Liberal's mind, Government programs have no room for cuts and cost cutting measures?

There can only be one reason. Government is corrupt and unlike private business need not balance it's budget. They will just raise our taxes, our fees, etc. etc. and like irresponsible children keep running up that debt, all to buy votes.

It is sad there are so many indoctrinated people such as yourself who swallow all their lies, all their rhetoric to deny simple common sense reality.

Government is the most irresponsible corrupt power hungry orgqnization since the beginning of time. This is why American's fought to give power to the people, and restore our freedoms from that political corruption.

Liberals are taking us all back to a time of big government corruption. WAKE UP!

What you say would have some merit if we had not witnessed the past 50 years when these corrupt politicians have been repeating the same lies every election. I don't know how old you are but I have lived their constant lies. They keep telling us they will cut spending "when" this happens, or "when" that happens and guess what? IT NEVER HAPPENS! They are liars and would sell their mother's soul to get elected.They don't care for the good of our nation but the good of their political careers and their ideology.

What's so amazing is there are so many people like you who swallow it. They are corrupt and they MUST be forced to balance their budgets because they never will on their own.

Government is not like a business because they need not balance their budget. They just raise taxes or fees.

The people must force them to pass balanced budget amendments, and then they will have an excuse to why they cut social programs, military budgets, entitlements, etc.

They won't have to worry about being blamed by their lobbyists when it is forced by law. It's the only way we will ever cut our national debt.

Politicians will only cut their pet programs when everyone else is forced to do the same. Please wake up and see who they politicians are. They no longer care for America so they must be forced to do what is best for our nation.

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The government could pay for college for everyone if they would end the wars in the Middle East and stop giving money to governments that hate us.

War is causing the National Debt to rise. What Hillary and the Dems are espousing is good because a well educated society is a great society.

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No one is paying me to be a liberal. I WANT to be a liberal for many reasons. I will either vote Democrat or Green Party.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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It's sad when people like yourself are so blind to the harm Liberalism is doing to this nation. The only thing I can figure is that Liberals are so clinically insecure, they must punish responsibility while rewarding irresponsibility. In this way they can feel good about themselves no matter how much they screw up their lives.

Sitar(3682) Disputed
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What is sad is conservacrites pretending they love liberty. .

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You should be a politician if you are not already one. With all those words words you do the very things they do, EXCUSE THEIR DEBT SPENDING! And as you do, they tell us it would be terrible for our nation to have balance budget amendments, or to cut our programs ACROSS the board. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD SAY? They constantly lie to the little sheep to control our lives.

Of course they will dassle you with all the supposed bad things that would happen if we had to actually cut our wasteful spending on every program.

Tell me, does it hurt your home and life when you balance your budget? Or does it finally get you to a point where you actully save money to spend on things you need without going into debt. Does it actually create investment money for you to get ahead instead of taking your money to make the interest payments on your debt?

Imagine if Government had money to invest and grow to HELP the needy and grow our nation WITHOUT going further into debt. Imagine what they could do with those hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars they are spending on the interest payments on that 18 TRILLION debt. CAN YOU GRASP THAT SIMPLE FACT?

Would there be some pain in the beginning when they tighten their belts? Yes, just as you would have when you tightened your belt. Fewer dinners out, fewer vacations, used cars, etc. etc. That's the price of getting yourself in debt in the first place and MUST be done if you ever hope to have a good life with money to spend and enjoy.

Your excuses are the same as the lies from every big spending politician in Government. They are on both sides of the aisle but much worse on the Democrat side.

A balanced budget amendment woud be the ONLY thing that would help get special interests out of our politician's pockets. They will always be there but at least our debt would go down before these greedy special interests got their take.