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Hillary as hated as Trump. Have both parties lost their minds?


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If one scoured the world to look for two throughly nasty vile creatures as this pair they would be hard pushed to find any pairing that comes close ; Trump is an arrogant schoolyard bully who’s made the U S the laughing stock of the world ; if he had to make his own way in the world without inherited wealth he most likely would be a plastic comb “ salesman “ on a sidewalk somewhere in New York ; Hillary is just a vicious shrill shrew who resembles in looks a constipated gerbil and it’s no wonder Bill looked for his manly pleasures in other quarters

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I think that pretty much sums it up. They were both disgusting and they are both still annoying.

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Are you a moderate as well, then?................................................................................................

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The left lost me when it demonized the right for not being racially "diversified enough". Then, when minorities started moving right, the left labeled them "Uncle Toms". The constant, mindless identity politics is a huge turnoff. When you label millions of Trump voters who voted for Obama as "racist Nazis", you are vile and beyond reproach.

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Hillary is hated because of the propaganda thrown against her, Trump is hated because he does hateful things, daily!

Benghazi, Uranium One, Pizza Hut babies, e-mails, ALL have been disproved over and over, but the propaganda persists. Trump said her administration would be racked by scandal, (funny)! That HE would be a friend of gays, that he would cut taxes for the middle class (not mentioning what he would take away in exchange), that he wouldn't profit from his tax bill ... NONE of this has been disproved! (And won't be!)

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Hillary is hated because of the propaganda thrown against her

Here is video of Comey and Trey Gowdy in a congressional hearing, going over the lies Hillary told the FBI, which is a crime for anyone else, including Flynn.

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Which happened and been proven to have happened. And if she was innocent, the fake video the left claimed wouldn't have been necessary.

Uranium One

Not "disproven. It's being investigated as we speak. An exchange was provably made. The intent is the only grey matter.


Phones/mobile devices were "destroyed with hammers" according to the FBI. Google any source you want.

ALL have been disproved over and over

So...this statement is demonstrably false.

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The Fake Video-

Here, CNN talks about the claim by the left that an "anti Muslim video" caused the attack, but then explains the claim was untrue, thevideo never existed, and the whole thing was a lie.

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Hillary may not be the best candidate, but she is certainly a lot better than Trump. And a lot more liked.

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Trust me, I agree. I voted for her, but I was less happy about that than I am about getting shots.............................................

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You voted for HILLARY?

I officially hate you. Anyone who would vote for that deep-state swamp hag is irredeemably stupid and/or evil.

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