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"Hillary's America"

Hillary's America trailers-


So...Did you watch "Hillary's America", and what did you think? If you haven't do you plan on it?
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Hillary's America trailers-


You're getting a litttttttle unhinged.

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Just don't want a criminal murderer in the Whitehouse. Any questions?

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The cold, hard truth-

KNHav(1957) Disputed
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I believe Hillary was the "identified symbol" of the "Woman Riding the Beast"

Under her skirt deceptive media, conspiracies, antichrist spirit of evil against Christ, Iran, globalization, corruption, race baiting, SOWING Divisions! Woe!

Her skirt was lifted and we who can see, did see!

KNHav(1957) Disputed
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If names are prophetic. And I believe they are, and God uses puns and displays signs oddly, as He has many times before.

God is good. And He mocks evil. And the righteous get His jestures and laugh at His puns!

Hillary Rodom Clinton - the pun is Rotton is her middle name.

And her whole name by meaning is way more a pun than you can imagine when relating to the whore of Babylon. Man! Whew! Its actually pun to the never ending pun.

From the naked statue in NY fiasco to the fight against democracy while being a "democrat" by name.

Prophetic slips have been incredably telling. As well as crazy events surrounding this election.

It is spiritually a mockery of her, as God mocks her and all she and the left stand for!

If the following statement Hillary foolishly made from her own mouth is true .... She is the only thing between Rev 17 and 19! She self declared herself the Whore of Babylon.


Here is a full transcript of her remarks in New York City, with the controversial portion in bold:

"Thank you all so much. Wow. Thank you. Thank you. It's sort of like the seventh inning stretch. Thank you all. You know, I've been saying at events like this lately, I am all that stands between you and the apocalypse. Tonight, I'm all that stands between a much better outcome!"

"The Donald" Trump will take office his 1st day is 1/21/2017

His name the trump. He trumped over odds of a gamble. Known mostly for ownership of casinos lined with slomachines with notoriously lucky #7 and the hope of lucky wealth symbolized by triple 7s 777

His name means the "triumphant" world ruler.

And on the 21st which is his first full day in office 21 is diveded by 3 - 7s

the Trump will be 70 years 7 months and 7 days old.

In the Jewish year, which has a diff starting month and ending month than the Jan to Dec calandar, is year 5777. Which is simply stated year 777 which happens to be the year of Jubilee which is significant whith "trumpets"