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Hillary's Ridiculousness

Earth To Hillary!

Bankruptcy - Legal procedure for liquidating a business (or property owned by an individual) which cannot fully pay its debts out of its current assets. Bankruptcy can be brought upon itself by an insolvent debtor (called 'voluntary bankruptcy') or it can be forced on court orders issued on creditors' petition (called 'involuntary bankruptcy'). Two major objectives of a bankruptcy are (1) fair settlement of the legal claims of the creditors through an equitable distribution of debtor's assets, and (2) to provide the debtor an opportunity for fresh start

In a recent soundbite aired on TV, Hillary claims that Trump, with bankruptcy in his business background, would bankrupt our country. Ahem, hello? Earth to Hillary: the US is already bankrupt. With the doubling of the national debt under Obama and YOU, we have gone from owing 10 trillion to 20 trillion. This figure doesn't include unfunded future obligation which are estimated to be about $127 trillion dollars! This figure also doesn't include all the freebies that Hillary has promised voters if she gets elected.

Talk about out of touch; Hillary is living in an alternate universe. So, who is the biggest threat to the financial stability of our country?

The Democrats

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Cute that you are so insecure about this that you couldn't provide an outlet to disagree with you.

But since you need to be told this: state bankruptcy and private bankruptcy are not the same thing. Much of what determines if a country is going to go bankrupt is it's credit rating, which Trump would absolutely destroy with his plan for the United States to obtain more debt, assuming we could buy it back at a lower rate. That would lead lenders to see U.S. debt as an unstable (obviously) investment and refuse to lend to us anymore. At that point, the U.S. would fall into a sovereign default, or as Hillary put it (very, very poorly), "bankruptcy".

My guess is that it was her attempt to allude to how often Trump has behaved exactly like this with his private companies, in order to draw attention to how unstable it would be if he did the same for the United States.

Mind you in typical Hillary Clinton fashion she said so in a way that doesn't properly convey her message and leaves her looking foolish. Just not quite as foolish as the guy who actually wants us to have more debt.

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Our country is far from bankrupt. Having a national debt is not the same thing. We still have one of the best GDP on the planet and see still arguably the most prosperous and powerful nation. to you!

Saying we are bankrupt is as stupid as saying Trump is bankrupt because he owes money or has credit card debt. And Hillary obviously meant that as a POTUS his history of outlandish spending and propensity to willfully bankrupt a past company might prove injurious to our country's economy. She has a point, since the business structure and zeitgeist of the private sector is much different than that of global politics and commerce.

Hillary is simply running for office and bad-mouthing her opponent. Guess what? It's called politics. You are quite unfair in claiming that by doing so her acumen in economics is inferior. Your bias against her is all too apparent. Which is fine, I'm not a big fan either. But let's not create straw man argument and accuse her of being out of touch with reality. She's been around and is very cognizant of our nation's place in the world.

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Re: " She has a point, since the business structure and zeitgeist of the private sector is much different than that of global politics and commerce."

I think this is exactly why we have fiscal problems. The zeitgeist of a government bureaucrat is one of a reckless disregard for tax payer's money, costs, revenues, budgeting et. al. I'm hoping that someone from the private sector can bring some sanity and real world experience to the Oval Office; someone who would be a good steward of OUR resources. You will never get that from a career politician, especially someone from the left. I don't excuse Republicans either; they are also complicit in this fiscal fiasco.

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IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
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Except the person you are referring to advocates an idea that is going to completely destroy our credit rating. You can't bet against your own debt, intentionally default, then expect to buy back your debt and maintain your credit rating. That simply does not happen.

To advocate a country even attempt it is downright insane.

So this means you are excusing a Republican that is complicit in this fiscal fiasco.

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Hillary isn't out of touch, she's just a sociopath. In any case, we're not bankrupt. If you want to see bankruptcy really looks like, read up on Puerto Rico. They have a horrible mess on their hands.

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And you would know that she is a sociopath why, exactly? Please give us an example of sociopathic behavior on her part.

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Stickers(1037) Clarified
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And you would know that she is a sociopath why, exactly?

Inquiries cannot be claims, and all disputes are claims. Therefore, your question does not dispute my claim. If you want to dispute my claim, feel free to provide evidence to the contrary.

Please give us an example of sociopathic behavior on her part.

Okay. I'll give you several.

Blantant fraud with commodity investments

Clinton Foundation tax and donation fraud:

Her involvement in the Benghazi cover up

"Landing under sniper fire"... lol I'm not going to even bother citing that one.

Accepting extremely dodgy campaign contributions

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