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 Hillary thinks the Media Environment is "Very Difficult" for the Democrats (3)

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Hillary thinks the Media Environment is "Very Difficult" for the Democrats

Hillary Clinton continues to make a mockery of herself in her efforts to regain the spotlight; she's now claiming the media environment is skewed against the Democrats.

Clinton was on the Pod Save America podcast on Tuesday as part of her "Blame Everyone But Me For Election Loss" tour and launched straight into a tirade scapegoating the media for her loss.

"The other side has dedicated propaganda channels," said Clinton. "That's what I call Fox News. It has outlets like Breitbart and crazy Infowars and things like that."

Naturally, she blamed the Russians for "aiding and abetting" the spreading of this "propaganda," as well as social media platforms like Facebook. Clinton added that President Trump's "reality TV campaign" dominated the media coverage, which made it "hard to break through."

Clinton then gave some laugh-inducing analysis about how tough it's going to be for the Democrats and the media.

"I think the Democrats can do a lot, but they are still going to face a very difficult media environment," said Clinton, "and we've got to figure out how we're going to break through."

Just think if this Communist had been elected her first move would have been to control the Media and the Internet !

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Hillary truly is an idiot but would have been a truly dangerous idiot being she is a Radical Progressive and holding the highest office in the land.

Certifiably insane is the only way you can define the Hag !

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Quite evidently Hillary and the word "thinks" no longer belong in the same sentence. One day historians will list Trump as the man who saved us all from electing Crooked Hillary.

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Hillary certainly does think the Media Environment is very difficult for the Democrats. And... she is wrong. She was coddled during the election primary as well as the general election, and her opposition was relentlessly vilified by the mainstream media. Donald Trump won despite not having an approval rating above 40%... She lost to a man during his first attempt, with no political experience, who also could not say anything uncontroversial, and... she lost. I guess I can understand why this old deluded fool may want to make excuses for her ignominious failure.