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Atrag(5556) pic

Hitler / Prodigee when he sees high numbers next to his name.


I've noticed Hitler has started to createdebate just for himself so he can get high numbers by the side of his name. Do you think he actually enjoys this so much that its orgasmic to him? 




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He's a virgin... no women or man will ever be interested in having sex with VB4L because... welll... he's disgusting.

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You keep telling yourself that I'm the disgusting one.

My dick's getting pleased and yours isn't.

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Hellno(17756) Disputed
2 points

LOL. ..

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He has been banned from this fairly small site here many times, doesn't debate, has stopped trying to be amusing and to engage with anyone, and is just concerned with getting the most points. His motivation for using the site: the super sexy numbers.

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I have high numbers next to my name and I don't get that face ;)

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Iit's too bad down votes don't take from 'his' points. Then we might actually stand a chance of getting rid of him, by way of depriving him of the points he so craves.

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iofjoihoihoi(1) Disputed
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hi there, just getting a point to downvote you.

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