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 Homelessness tops poll of "L.A.’s Biggest Problems" (3)

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Homelessness tops poll of "L.A.’s Biggest Problems"

As people living in tents, RVs and makeshift shelters become a fact of life in neighborhoods far and wide, homelessness is now an all-consuming issue in Los Angeles County, with 95% of voters calling it a serious or very serious problem, according to a new poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Business Council Institute.

The near-unanimous opinion that homelessness ranks as a top concern marks a sharp change from earlier surveys of Los Angeles voters over the past dozen years, said Fred Yang of Hart Research, the Washington, D.C., polling firm that conducted the survey.

What is Gavin Newsome doing to address this problem.

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Why is it Kamala Harris of California is not speaking about this serious problem in her State.

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Well, I'm not surprised. Consider that thousands have lost their homes, belongings, relatives, place of work and likely money, jewelry, tools and equipment they USED TO WORK WITH, do to fires because …. nobody raked the leaves?????????? ;-)

And, of course, the tax money they sent to Washington over the years … is being used to build a useless wall, by a useless Pre …. occupier of the White House. THAT is likely LA's biggest problem :-)!

Chinaman(2982) Clarified
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Democrat are you saying that Leftist in California are having trouble governing their State.

Chinaman(2982) Clarified
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The Democrat has a Blame Game to play but it has nothing to do with the failure of Democrats in California.

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Only Gavin Newsom and the Democrat Party can sort out the mess they so spectacularly created. Let's watch with interest how they deal the results of their disastrous left wing policies.