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 Homework should be banned and heres why: (8)

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Homework should be banned and heres why:

Homework was originally used for extra practice for kids who might not of understanded one of the lessons(mainly talking about math or stuff like that). but now, EVERYONE is REQUIRED to do do it, even if you do not need the extra practice. so, we all know if you dont do homework, you get a you get punished for not doing extra practice that you DIDNT NEED. so its like your teacher forcing you to do extra credit on a test and if you dont do it you lose 10 points off the test. but it EXTRA CREDIT. i hope im making sense, and that you agee with me or at least understand what im saying.

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actually, homework is very effective. All those kids who don't open a book at home to study, need homework to keep them on track and it also is a very good learning technique for children who do not understand the lesson in class, they can get all the information they need from homework with all the time they require to understand more thoroughly!

It should not be banned because studies have shown that learning it reinforced when the topic is studied in different enviroments (first class room, than anyway else).

Also homework teaches kids how to prioritze and manage their time, which are vaulable skills they will need no matter what they want to do in life.

Homework will never be "banned" because it is a very useful teaching tool.

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It might have been used for practice originally, but it's purpose has changed. It is still a useful way to train your mind to remember the certain subjects, but it is also a way to help boost your grade. I don't agree with excessive homework but a small amount is good for you.

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You are absolutley correct um i need like 40 more words so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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Studies show that home work doesn't change or help kids with the assignment. Kids need time to be free. When we get out of school we need to rest and have free time to let are minds calm down and take in all the new stuff that we have learned. we also need time to hang with friends not spent are weekend sitting in our rooms doing homework!

I would start a debate entitled; "Homework should not be banned, and here's why" and proceed to quote the paragraph you typed, laden with grammatical and spelling errors. I always loathed school, but saying homework should be banned is something I always saw as ridiculous. By increasing your exposure to education, you learn and retain more.

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Homework is actually helpful because the teacher wants to let you learn a basic understanding of the lesson and he can gather who is doing good/bad in the lesson and if they understand it well or not.

When I was in school, I hated homework probably as much as students have always hated it.

It wasn't the concept I disliked as much as it was the application. In concept, as already mentioned, homework is really just practice. The more you practice at something, the better you'll generally become. It makes sense.

What I found most annoying was the disproportionate value homework had on one's overall grade; in many cases, completely eclipsing the value of quizzes and exams. I didn't see why a person who aced every test but declined to waste time on homework should face the proposition of receiving a failing grade. I mean, we're talking about practice here. (cue up Allen Iverson rant)

Conversely, there's no way it should make sense for a person to do poorly on every test, but receive a high grade in the class just because they did every homework assignment.

I'm not sure banning homework would be helpful, but it's application could certainly stand to be re-assessed