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Homosexual marriages should be banned

What is your opinion about homosexaul marriages. Should our modern society allow this type of relationship between same sex people? 


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The Supreme Court in 2015 ruled that Gay Marriage is the law of the land.

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Homosexual marriages are very popular theme for discussion today. In my point of view it's really difficult theme, but homosexual marriages should be banned because homosexuals can't reproduce new generation. They can't have their own children. Also even if they adopt children, this child might be homosexual too. And that's is big problem. And God or Universe created man and woman for heterosexual relationship to continue people's generation.

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hotnoodle101(52) Disputed
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Ah, so old people and infertile couples shouldn't be married either, in your view, considering that they also cannot produce the next generation. Whether or not you are homosexual isn't about what your parents teach you, it's genetic, which is why so many people spend their whole lives trying to deny it. IF two homosexuals adopt or the like and the child turns out to be gay, they'll certainly feel more accepted, won't they? It's not difficult. I don't see why we can't just legalize it and get it out of the way so that we can deal with issues like wars rather than who can marry who.

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Are you saying that homosexuality is a genetic disorder? If so, should we try to find a cure? ;)

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It should be banned because marriage is between one man and one women. You can have babies with a man and a women. You cant have babies with a man and a man. Or women and women. Also look at the animals they have one male and one female there is no animals that have male and male.

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redgiemental(3) Disputed
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Homosexuality is well observed in nature. There are many animals that have male on male sexual relationships, particularly mammals.

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Srom(12204) Disputed
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I do not see any animals that have sexual relationships with males. Most animals have it in there brain that they need to be with a female or else the animals will not produce

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I am not a homophobes, but i think that homosexual relationships is wrong. Homosexuality is like a virus. imagine that our world is computer. Our computer got a virus. It is homosexuality. Why is homosexuality virus? Because any virus has one specific function. it is damage computer system. Very often those functions are without end or they have dead end. It means functions always repeat without continuation. Virus can spread in computer, but cannot create a new programs. Homosexuality is the same as computer virus. It spreads, but not create a new life, child. My point is not original. i just gave my point of view

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zombee(1024) Disputed
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Homosexuality is not like a virus because there is no vector with which to spread it, except by birth if you want to consider that to apply. You can't catch gay.

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I don't see why an action should be banned if it does not hurt anyone.

Murder - take someone's life

Rape - force someone into sex

Theft - deprive someone of their property

gay marriage - two gay people get married... what party is being harmed?

For you Conservatives out there who "hate" big government, by supporting the banning of gay marriage, you are asking government to regulate our personal lives just a bit more, creating more enforcement and bureaucracy.

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I learned from a smart user on this site that we are put on this earth to grow and advance. We that today and in history textbooks. It is a mission that is programmed in our heads and maybe.....that is our purpose in life.

You are right. Homosexuals can't produce offsprings. Therefore they don't contribute in the growth and advancement of makind in that way. However, there are others ways that they do contribute to the growth and advancement. By adopting orphans, homosexuals can prevent making from over populating and death. Over population and death surely don't help mankind in growth and advancement.

So is homosexuality wrong? in some ways yes, and in some ways no. However, is being straight right? In some ways yes, and in some ways NO.

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For one, someone needs to prove why they SHOULD be banned.

Other than that, what harm does a homosexual marriage provide for society that NO OTHER GROUP who has rights would either?

Groups of all sorts have their cheaters, the liars, the STD carriers and givers, adulterers, players, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and so on. Every group.

Marriages (and legal bindings just like it called by another name), whether someone likes it or not, have been part of the legal portion of society before many mainstream religions were birthed. It's been part of the legal system for some time, therefore is not simply dictated by one religious dogma. That doctrine may only dictate over the ceremonies IT partakes in, but not the legal portion of a marriage.

And just because you find someone's significant other disgusting or offensive to your belief system is not a justified reason to ban it.

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