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Hootie banned me because he thinks I'm Bronto. I'm beginning to think that tootie thinks everyone who disagrees with him is Bronto. Bronto must have mind f*cked you really good, fruity.
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Hootie banned me because he thinks I'm Bronto.

I don't know if you are Bronto or not. What I know is that you're a morally reprehensible, intellectually defective imbecile who behaves like he just crawled out of his mother's vagina. I know that Bronto shares this personality and I know that he has hundreds of puppet accounts which he uses to cheat the voting and support his own shitposts. It isn't an unreasonable assumption that you might be the same retard.

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Hey, kootie. Please reply so I can ban you. Because I really believe you're an alternate account. LOLOL