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Hootie forced into admitting Hitler was a Leftist

Hootie, aka Nom cornered in debate

Link Hootie has no answer for

Hootie makes demands and loses-


Shut up you damned liar. I asked you for a single Hitler quote: the one where you say he claimed to be a liberal. Instead, you spent over two hours posting his life's work. You posted pretty much everything except what I asked for.

I'm banning you because you're a barefaced liar.


"We might have called ourselves the Liberal Party. We chose to call ourselves the National Socialists."

-Adolf Hitler

Interview with George Sylvester Viereck, 1923

He can't deny it

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He's hobbled by reality

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Hootie has no answer for

Here is my answer you pathologically mad imbecile.

The majority of scholars identify Nazism in both theory and practice as a form of far-right politics.

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Hootie makes demands and loses

I waited for over two hours for you to provide the quote I asked for, retard. I waited for over two hours while you posted every single Hitler quote except the one I asked for.

Trying to call me out a day after you were unable to provide the relevant quote is absolutely stupid. Congratulations on finally finding it, but it is not a victory simply to be able to back up your assertions with some form of evidence, especially when that evidence is the word of Adolf Hitler.

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Today's right wingers call themselves the "conservative party" …. as they spend U.S. into debt, without good reason, by the $Trillions, the party administrators are investigated almost daily for wasteful spending, the current occupier of the White House spends, what? Has it gone to a $Billion yet … for GOLF? (And $90,000 hotel rooms for the FLOTUS?)YEP! when you're in charge you can call yourself anything you want … conservative, liberal, nationalist, American … it doesn't mean you ARE one! Hitler was in charge … like Trump.

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That appears to be an epic beatdown of Hootie. That was hard to watch. It was like a spider eating a fly.

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Hootie(429) Disputed
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That appears to be an epic beatdown of Hootie.

The fact that you do not realise how obvious a Bronto puppet account you are is just one more reason why normal people should avoid you.

You couldn't find the quote when I asked for it, so turning up 24 hours later claiming victory because you finally found a quote which you should have had available at the outset is about the most retarded thing I can possibly imagine.

You literally have the mind of a child, bronto.

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I genuinely do agree that Goebbels was a tricked left-wing complete Communist. On the other hand, the rest of the party's leadership excluding Goebbels was brutally right-wing.

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I would say 3 things. Nom was beaten. That is not in question.

Then he became triggered.

Then he embarrassed himself by floundering all over a debate designed to do such.

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Picklejuice(45) Disputed
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Your beak is designed for pecking peckers and persistently plucking penis particles.

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Some of his policies were left: protection of the environment, helping children and animals, banning smoking in the workplace.

These are his right wing policies: eugenics, exterminations of the jewish race, invasion other countries as a means of furthering the economy.

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