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Hot or cold!


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My birthdays in winter and i LOVE the cold i love the rain i HATE the warm

in england you get snow once a year lucky

In which way do you mean?

I will prefer the hot over the cold any day because the cold is so painful.

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If it's cold and the a/c goes out, then you can't really get cool, but if it's cold and the heat goes out, then you can always wear a Snuggie.

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I hate winter. Actually, I detest winter. I had being cold so much. That's why I'd love to live in the South one day and my top vacation spots are in the Caribbean and Australia. :)

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my birthday is in winter! !

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Winter can still be warm in some places.... I just hate winter because of the weather it brings to the region I live in. I live in NJ and go to school in NY and there's not much I can change about that because I'm only 18 at the moment and can't really live completely autonomous.

I don't hate winter for the sake of hating winter though. Geez... -_-

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i like warm better because i like playing sports and when its hot then its too hot for me to run around and do stuff, but if its too cold then i like to run around but then afterwards its way to cold to go outside so theres not much stuff to do.

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