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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Some cities, Phoenix included, have passed ordinances forbidding pet stores from selling purebred dogs.  The only alternatives that the pet stores have is to only sell dogs from the shelter or from a rescue group.


Question:  Should pet stores be banned from selling purebred dogs?


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There are so many unwanted dogs at shelters that often have to be put down, on the other hand there are people who make a lot of money breeding purebred dogs for sale.

We have always adopted our dogs from the RSPCA shelter so there may be a moral and ethical reason for this to save more unwanted dogs.

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First, the stores are not being banned from selling pure breed dogs, they are being banned from selling breeder provided dogs and puppy mill dogs. One can find pure breeds from shelters, though obvious it is quite rare.

Second, stores should indeed be banned from selling breeder provided and puppy mill provided dogs. There are millions of dogs suffering and dying in shelters around the country that need help.

Third, I would argue that many "pure breeds" of many types of breeds should be outlawed. Take Pugs, for example. Their genetic diversity is so limited that they are riddled with genetic defects, on top of the breathing issues inherent in their breed. We are breeding serious issues into dogs that are significantly harming their quality of life. No dog should be forced to suffer breathing difficulty simply because someone likes the look of a smooshed face.

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There isn't any rationale provided to argue against. Why are they forbidding stores from the selling of purebreds?

I like pure stuff.

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I think pet shops should sell purebred dogs. If a person wants a purebred dog, he should be able to go to a pet shop to buy one.

From what I read regarding the ban in Phoenix, some pet shops were accused of getting pups from puppy mills but that was not the case for all of the pet shops in Phoenix.

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