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 How can I trust Christ, when Christians, are so, unlike, their Christ? (13)

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How can I trust Christ, when Christians, are so, unlike, their Christ?

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The last true Christian died on the cross.

The rest of us can only strive to achieve a small part of Jesus's saintly virtue, but in doing so we attain a higher plane of existence which benefits our fellow man.

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How can I trust Christ, when Christians, are so, unlike, their Christ?

1)Christians aren't Christ, otherwise there'd be no need for Christ. It's like saying how can I trust you when your dog sometimes bites people. Well, you're not the dog...

2)People who say things like this are usually people ignoring Christ railing against the Pharisees for being hypocrites, using a bull whip to run people out of the temple, and burying the world in blood in the final book of the Bible. The point? Christ isn't some cute little puppy who doesn't take sin seriously. He's the judge, jury, and executioner, the one with the keys to the bottomless pit.

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That is a lie. You don't know what other people are going through, and how horrible Christians have been, to me. You can get the Hell on, as you have been banned.

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I agree. The Christian God is supposed to be benevolent, yet his followers aren't. I've met some horrible people who call themselves Christian, though I also know nice people that are also Christians.

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As humans we will always fall short. No matter what. We can never truly be like christ. Christians, true Christian's, and I say true because over half of the u.s. probably claims to be a christian, but most of the people of this world think that you just have to be a good person to be saved. But christ says in Ephesians, for by GRACE ye are saved through faith and that NOT of yourself. It is a gift of God, NOT OF WORKS lest any man should boast. Nobody is perfect, and neither are Christian's. But we do strive to be like Christ and tell the world of his love and of his gift