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Five dead in Norway. U.K. politician killed.
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 Five dead in Norway. (2)
 U.K. politician killed. (2)

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How can anyone dispute Donald Trump's approach to Muslim immigrants?

In the latest Islamist terror attacks in Europe Norwegian Police now confirm the the person who killed 5 civilians with a bow and arrows was a converted Muslim who was radicalized and became an Islamist terrorist.
The head of the U.K., terrorist squad has stated that the politician, Sir David Amess, M.P., was killed by a British Islamist terrorist of Somalian descent.
And so the Muslim terrorist story continues to unfold. 

Five dead in Norway.

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U.K. politician killed.

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The very sad event of the British politician David Amess being stabbed to death by what the U.K., police describe as an Islamist terror incident is both shocking and most sad.

The death however of this PRO-IMMIGRANT ''POLITICIAN'' is no more heart wrenching than the 100s of Islamist terrorist victims throughout Europe ( who were imported by ''POLITICIANS'') in recent years yet his tragic death is receiving a significantly higher profile than the many civilians ( NONE OF WHOM HAD ANY INPUT TOWARDS THE PRESENCE OF ISLAMISTS) who were also slaughtered by Muslims.

Apparently Sir David worked very hard to help immigrants to settle in the U.K., and he he is therefore, a victim of his own agenda.

Side: Five dead in Norway.
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The other common factor in all these shocking acts of barbarism is that it is usually announced that the Muslim Terrorist(s) was/were known to police and was/were being monitored.

This begs the questions:-

1)How many suspected Muslim terrorists are under surveillance by Homeland Security here in America?

2)What is the total cost to the taxpayer of having to monitor the 1000s of ''lone, DORMANT Muslim terrorists''?

Side: Five dead in Norway.
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We can be absolutely certain that this truly awful incident will draw all the usual meaningless rhetoric from the virtue signalling hand-wringers but when the dust settles on this POLITICIAN'S grave nothing will have changed.

The immigrants will be pandered to and a percentage of them will be dedicated terrorists while others will be radicalized.



Side: U.K. politician killed.
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The deep-media almost always report such atrocities as a terrorist act by a deranged lone assassin .

The controlled press releases and censored media broadcasts always fail to mention who radicalized THE FILTH.

I mean, are we expected to assume that THE FILTH radicalized themselves?

We can almost hear the agenda of the political meetings after such events;- ''*play it down, attribute the slaughter to a psychologically disturbed Muslim Maniac''.

Side: U.K. politician killed.