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they cant because
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How can communists deny capitalism works?

they cant

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It is part of their fundamental belief. A communist must reject capitalism, otherwise they are not a communist.

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tugger5678 Disputed
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But China hasn't taken capitalism away from Hong Kong---------------------

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But China is not longer communist. Yes, they are still called Communist China and are run by the Communist Party, but when it comes down to it, China has been moving closer and closer to Capitalism since the death of Mao Zedong.

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I guess they are set in their ways or have never experienced capitalism. Honestly this question is like asking how could the Italians tell Columbus the world was flat, or vice versa.

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What about the Chinese they own Hong Kong now and can experience the difference first hand

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DrawFour(2662) Clarified
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Re read what I wrote. The first sentence alone answers that.

How can atheists deny God. Or Christians deny science? Same answer.

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I don't think that a reasonably well-informed communist would argue that capitalism doesn't work under its own terms, but rather that the terms under which capitalism operates are undesirable. They view capitalism as encouraging greed and non-communal governance to be disingenuous and barbaric. Its a different set of priorities, one that takes into account economic transaction but sees them subservient to societal well-being. And although I am not and have never been communist or properly socialist, I can sympathize with and understand their concerns.

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