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We LOST - period, end of story Quitting is NOT losing
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How can right wingers claim we didn't LOSE the war when we clearly DID??


Did Roberto Duran lose when he said "no mas"???  Uhh, YES!  Do MMA fighters LOSE when they tap out???  Uhh, YES!  Did Americans lose in Afghanistan when they said no mas??   Uhh, YES!

War is about territory..  If you TAKE territory, you WIN..  If you can't hold territory, you LOSE..  Nothing could be blacker or whiter than WHO controls what territory, and America controls NONE.

Yet, some people think losing a war should be nice and tidy....  Because we really didn't lose, after all....  We just said "no mas".

And, tell me true..  If we DENY that we LOST, doesn't starting a brand new war, that we CAN'T lose, become easier and easier??  



We LOST - period, end of story

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Quitting is NOT losing

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