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 How can you be sure that the bible wasn't lying to you? (48)

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How can you be sure that the bible wasn't lying to you?

It's quite easy to make a story. Examples such as Noah's Ark match perfectly into the definition of a story. The same goes with the rest of the bible, what with the talking snakes and talking donkeys. We definitely don't see these things everyday, and to believe they still occur would be a delusion. 

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You can't be sure, that is why Christianity is a belief - as with most religions.

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Plus, the bible is full of slavery condoning, sexism encouraging, filicidal blundering that completely falsifies the existence of an infinitely moral God.

Christians are just basically a bunch of confused people with twisted definitions, just like the rest of these earthly religions.

Mors777(59) Disputed
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Atheists are stupid. That's common knowledge.

nummi(1435) Disputed
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And yet people like you live with imaginary friends. What irony...

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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Shuddup MorssroM.

Express your irrational dumbass rage elsewhere. And face the facts; you have just wrecked yourself.

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Because of all the interpolations, which is the nice way of saying forgeries. If only the believers knew how busy the founders were at the ole forgery mill.

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OK, even if it does not appear today. I think it is a change of style. But humans have the same problems, frustrations and ego. People who have a relationship with God will understand.Miracles happen every religion. About teaching, for the people who understand.

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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I think it is a change of style

Huh? What style?

But humans have the same problems, frustrations and ego

On what basis are you stating this?

Miracles happen every religion.

I'd like to see some proof. But that may be doubtful from a credulous person such as (presumably) yourself.

And what miracles are you identifying? You can't have an image of both Jesus and Zeus on the same piece of toast...

Marina23(24) Disputed
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I think it is a change of style : Period of time that we have a problem.It may be that we need to understand the words.It may contain words such as culture, we need to understand what it takes. God never intended us to interpret directly. It was understood by the intellect

hillel(3) Disputed
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how can miracle take place in more then one religion?

for exempale, if the jews right there is no reason that god gave power to muchamad to do miracle, and the same for the opposite direction/

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I understand it correctly or not? The two Christian books. People who are just one non-Christian.

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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What in the world are you saying? Are you an incarnation of psychedelic consciousness, relentlessly asking ambiguous, paradoxical questions?

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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Please clarify your argument.

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We can be sure that the Bible wasn't lying because its God's word. God is perfect and why would God lie to us when He explained everything that happened in the past.

nummi(1435) Clarified
6 points

Your comments are always fun to read, because they are so stupid.

iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
4 points

This begs the question "How do you know?"

... but whatever at this point. So long as you're not stoning gays burning witches at the stake I suppose.

Srom(12203) Disputed
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This is how we know that the Bible is true look at the website below and you will see.

Supporting Evidence: How do we know that the Bible is true? (
marcos(74) Disputed
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Does the story of Abraham ring a bell? God - Abraham! kill your only son for me! Just kidding, LOL.

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I believe in the bible, and interpret it as I desire. But one word sums up how one can believe the bible isn't a lie. Simply put, FAITH.

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Well I have faith that the Harry Potter Books are real! I have faith that magic is real!

With a bible that condones slavery, sexism, and says it's okay to stone children to death for swearing at their parents, who would want to put faith in that?

addltd(5122) Disputed
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You can choose to have faith I whatever you want. Some feel the bible represents the historical accounts of Jesus. It could be mythical, magical or whatever. But, there are many who feel this is real and was produced to represent fact not fiction. You can choose to believe it or not. I don't think that the Harry Potter series was ever considered anything but fiction.

And, I said I Interpret it as I desire...not.others. Yes, practices at the time condoned many of the things you state, but the bible was about Jesus with many of the practices of the time added as historical color not relevant to the actual text itself.

You can't be 100% sure. Thats why its called faith. .

Dremorius(861) Disputed
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And faith can be an illusion...

The Phantom(453) Disputed
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Maybe. But we will never know until the end happens. If it happens. But then it will be too late.

Dremorius(861) Disputed
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And, was it not faith that caused Terrorist bombers to kill so many people?

They had faith that they would receive paradise, and guess what it did to them (and the other people included in the blast.)

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How can you be sure of anything? You can only assume. The bible dates back to thousands of years ago. Who's to say that anyone who has rewritten the bible has swayed it to portray their beliefs. The bible has been re-written and printed so many times, who really knows if any of it is based on actual fact, or beliefs of the ones who wrote it. We could have Christianity completely wrong and be none the wiser because we have no actual fact. Bring me your proof, then I and no doubt a vast majority will believe you. Until then, it pretty much stays up in the air. Like every other debate, this is based on opinion, bias, and belief.

You can't be sure if the Bible is lying to you just as much as you can't be sure it's telling you the truth.

A person has to question the Bible and disavow those passages that are violent, illogical, or filled with hate.