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 How can you deny that humans are apes? (7)

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How can you deny that humans are apes?

To me this shouldn't even be a question. Humans literally look like a type of ape, just look at us.
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Mingiwuwu(1469) Disputed
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This is not me, the creator of this debate is FactMachine.

outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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Demorats are Apes and not Humans so what is to discuss here ?????????????

Illuminati33(68) Disputed
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Where's your reply finklestein? Don't drizzle your finkle sauce on my moms tits.

TheRock(36) Disputed
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You are a chimpanzee. I am Godzilla. Know the difference?

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Because apes have a billion times more hair, hands for feet and weigh as much as a car. Monkeys swing from trees. Humans are none of those things. We also have organs that they don't have, and apes walk and run on all fours.

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How can you deny that humans are apes?

Ask Nom. Just remember, buckle your seat-belt first, as you will be launched into an Ancient Aliens rabbit hole.