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How did life begin in your opinion

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I believe extraterrestrials started life on the planet for humans at least.

Quocalimar(6469) Clarified
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Where did those lives come from?

Other aliens and then that one came from the universe itself .

bemagic15(531) Clarified
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So you are a Scientologist, or just aliens

I am an astronomical physicist in training. I just think it makes much more sense.

Ah. This is the view point of a dedicated astronomer. I do agree with your belief though.

Thats because you are a better astronomer than I. You know much more than I do.

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I think I love you. .

Haha well then lol.

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Simple answer:

I shut down my computer, stepped out of my basement and saw that this thing called "Sun" was not a myth afterall

Except for life that reproduces asexually, all other life started the way it currently does. Someone got fucked ;)

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I fucking love this answer .

On earth?

I think the idea that a meteor brought the first living cellular organisms to earth where they developed and evolved over time

( through planned evolution)

Beyond that, it is hard to say. I believe that God created all live, but given how he has gone about things on earth I assume he used a scientifically observable method to go about doing it. When I first heard that theory about that meteor carrying life to earth, I immediately asked my self, where did that meteor come from, and was there only one.

Banana_Slug(845) Disputed
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I assume that you are talking about the god of the gaps, am I right ?

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I do not know what you are talking about, but I assume it is meant to be an insult.

The conditions were just right, and after a whole lot of time of nothing happening, some very simple single-celled organisms happened to appear. This could very well have been on a different planet.

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The big bang, and the evolution of the universe. Where did all that come from? I don't know, whatever explanation we find will require another explanation and so on. Only way to explain the existence of all things is with something that needs no cause. In cause and effect, everything is both a cause and an effect, this is in my opinion what makes the universe 100% comprehensible and incromprehensible at the same time, as it requires infinite explanation due to it being comprehensible. The incomprehensibility of the universe has given theists the upper-hand for centuries, however personally I do not feel that their efforts to explain the logical issue of the universe has at all been successful, in my personal opinion.

Jace(5187) Clarified
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I largely agree but I think that it is the biological predisposition for religiosity that has given theists the upper hand for so long, not the incomprehensibility of the universe itself.

zephyr20x6(2385) Clarified
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That is probably true, as that biological predisposition is the cause of all things used to argue for the belief in god, I was referring to the fact that theists think that theism is logical over atheism from the fact that a lot of them used the unknown to further that idea by saying their religion is the only thing that explains it.

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I believe in, that God created all life and I think he has a pretty good sense of humor.

Jace(5187) Disputed
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I see no reason to believe that God exists let alone that God created all life, and especially that he has a good sense of humor. Sick and twisted would be more like it.

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Yes but we havent disproven his existence by 100%.

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Your belief is your your belief

How did life begin? Since that's such an enormous question that I couldn't begin to fathom, my opinion is that of the scientists.

As the storms that ruled over this planet kept applying energy to the new liquids on the planet, they formulated the basic life material, DNA, needed for bacteria to form.

lolzors93(3225) Disputed
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There is no evidence for life coming from non-life. In fact, there is a law that states otherwise: the Law of Biogenesis.

Cuaroc(8827) Disputed
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but your extremely complex god is the exception instead of a few very simple single celled organisms?

Quocalimar(6469) Disputed
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Did you even read the link?

Banana_Slug(845) Disputed
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there is no law of bio genesis .

Jace(5187) Disputed
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What, and there is evidence for some God coming out of nothing? Right, that makes a lot more sense then a scientific theory that at least actually has a modicum of evidence to support it.

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I think the theory of evolution is the best explanation. And the debate is similar the 'does life begin at conception' type. Exponential graph.

~I'm lazy today.

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That extraterrestrials came to interbred with the less evolved humans. It was sort of an experiment to see if we could find ourselves on our own again without relying on outside forces to carry us all the way. That's why most of our human DNA code is unknown, but we call it "junk DNA"

AREKKUSU(275) Clarified
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How is our DNA unknown? And actually the technically term for "Junk DNA" Is "Noncoding DNA", it's pretty much code that doesn't 'encode' protein, and most speices on this planet has a high % of noncoding DNA. Human are about 98% Noncoding DNA. And you know, our DNA isn't that different from any other speices out there. Out DNA isn't even that different than a turtles. xD One bit here, another bit there, and poof, completely different speices.

Kittiana(154) Clarified
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How do you know that junk DNA is completely useless? ?

Don't know, don't care.

Original bacterium... Then some magic of a God or whatever... Don't really know the truth haha.

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Life began by "X" because it wanted life to begin.

The how and why generally come hand in hand with this particular question.

I do believe that there cannot not be a "why" when asking the question of "How" "How did life begin...?"

I do believe that there cannot be a not "why" in the question of "How" "How did life begin...?"

I am lost and I dont understand what this means. Are you saying that we cant ask why or how?

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Not at all, on the contrary.

Asking why or how is important.

I meant that when asking "how", (in this particular case), the "why" must be asked with the same question, because the "why" is very important to the "how".

It came out odd and when I was typing it, it looked odd to me as well.

it never started :O

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Prokaryotes emerged from the primordial soup some billions of years ago and here we are. The primordial soup I'm talking about it actually just a chemical reactions of the molecular building blocks of life like ameno acids and proteins and what not. We can actually replicate this reaction through a process called biogenesis.

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Nature has had 15 billion years of so in a universe that constantly changes and new things always happen. Somewhere along that 15 billion year line we found out life was indeed possible. Though it raises the questions of wheather or not Atoms have some sort of intelligence.

A dude fucked a dudette, pregnancy happened, then a baby was born.

Since no one was around to witness it, I can only say, "I don't know."