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 How did you come across CD? (15)

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How did you come across CD?

I guess this is more a survey type debate, but the results could help us find ways of promoting the site to gain new users.


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I found CD while googling England vs USA (or something), came across a debate made on this site and made an account and joined in.

A friend recommended it to me, but he's now left.

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I just found it while Googling I found I was'nt getting any debates on Facebook and this place looked like fun

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I found it because I had an idea to build a site very similar to it. Then laid out the functions I wanted. Then I did the best thing which is look for what someone else built...which of course is this site. And then I acquired CD about 18 months ago. I love it!

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That's exactly the same as me except I didn't acquire it. Yes I am jealous! BTW have you ever seen's debate format?

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Seriously? How cool is that. Yes, I got really lucky because I just called the CD founders out of the blue and started in on discussions. They got a fair price and some of them still help out with support and development. I am very lucky, but it does take lots of effort outside of my day job to keep things building.

When this site was first created, it was mentioned in an article I read. At the time, the site's promotional tag line was, "Get people riled up!" and I was like..., "I can do that ;)"

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A large group of us were banned from another site so we all tried to find a new one, one of us found CD but I'm the only one left here.

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Another site? Which one was that?

1 point ... it used to be cool but now it's overrun with kids and cyber-sexin' old people.

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I googled "Top Debating Sites" and this was the first one that showed up. I clicked the linked and just signed up.

Me and my brother were arguing over who was better mario or sonic( u can tell which one i choose) sso i typed it in on Google, and i saw this, and i could actually write my opinion about it so i created my account and wrote one.

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I was bored in computer class so I searched a debate site because I enjoy debating, this is the site that caught my attention.

Now it's become like an addiction...

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I used to debate on other forums online and offline. However, offline the opportunity grew thin and online the activity died.

So in my long quest for another debate forum, somehow, this one popped up on some other forum. I tried out the other forums and wasn't pleased with the setup, this one is structured very much to my liking. :)

Step 1: Search for answer to question I don't remember.

Step 2: Find CD.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit!