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 How do you feel about a nomadic lifestyle? (2)

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How do you feel about a nomadic lifestyle?

"If it is too heavy to carry, it is a burden. If it is easily replaceable, it is not worth saving"

Note: I am talking about the "modern" day nomad. A.K.A a person who has no permenant residence and very few belongings. 


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I feel that anyone should live however they feel like, but I don't think a nomadic lifestyle has any deep meaning at all. In most cases where people choose a lifestyle that is so different from the usual civil lifestyle we know, it is for the cause of an opinion or rebel of some sort, religious, social or political.

I can't see how a nomadic lifestyle is inspirational at any point - it is just a bunch of willingly homeless people wanting to stand out from our materialistic world. Wanting to be different is not inspirational, it has become very normal.

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I have pondered this question in the past and I think it comes down to the following questions as to how one might feel about the lifestyle:

1. Are you single, married, married with children under 18?

2. Do you have a full time job which requires you to be at work on a regular schedule with clean clothes and decent hygiene?

3. What physical assets do you currently have? How hard would it be to sell them and walk away?

4. What climate do you live in?

5. Do you need insurance?

6. Do you care what others think of you?

7. Do you want to entertain others?

8. what is your life goal?

These among others will shape your feelings on the nomadic lifestyle. I think the more detached you are, the easier it is to become a nomad. There are days I would like to be, but I just couldn't do it!