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 How do you feel about fishing? (12)

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How do you feel about fishing?

How do you feel about it?
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I like to fish with stink bait and fling it all over those around me.

Many times I sit on the shore drinking beer with line in water while trolling people on this very site.

Fishing’s fun. Eating them/letting them go is even more fun...........

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Torture for the fish, good lesson in patience and emotional discipline for the human.

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I enjoy it. We have a small'ish river in our backyard and on hot days it's nice to put a chair in the water, have a cooler of drinks and go fishing for a few hours. May not catch much but it's very relaxing and what we do catch we can clean and cook for dinner.

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we have a pond in the field behind us i fish in, its got Drum, bass, and not sure yet, but it hink catfish to.

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Not a fan, but I don't think it does that much harm. But after you catch the fish, you should let it go, unless you have nothing else in the house to eat and don't want to go to McDonald's.

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agree , fishing is boring we couldn't catch fish enough .I support you we should let it go even we have nothing in the house to eat .someone wouldn't mine this .

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Hello k,

I’m a flyfisherman. I’m no good at it though. Been trying for 30 years. But I don’t know a mayfly from a woolly worm. I guess that’s why they call it fishing, and not catching. But I love wading through the streams of Colorado and Washington. I truly do.

Snow’s melting. Gotta get ready. I’d tie me up some flies if I knew how.


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i dont know how to fly fish yet, i plan on learning, but im more of a bass fisherman.

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To me, fishing is tied with golf as the 2 most boring things anybody can waste their time doing

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fishing is boring ,this is harm for river or lake .Why people enjoy fishing in the holiday morning . I con't believe that people get up 4:00am to go to fishing .

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A wonderful wholesome family activity .... for when you have nothing better to do.