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 How do you propose we deal with the Israel/Palestine situation? (5)

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How do you propose we deal with the Israel/Palestine situation?

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First step, get people like Netanyahu out of the equation. Hold some serious talks about Israeli expansion, Allow the Palestinians to have their own country …. including a useable port section and give SOME of the GOOD land back … compromise. Without compromise it will NEVER be dealt with!

Trump's & Netanyahu's "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY" ideals will NEVER do it!

Bananaz(66) Clarified
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A reasonable response. There is just one problem though, how do you deal with Hamas who are totally unwilling to compromise? Also does Israel even have a right to exist since they are essentially stealing Palestine either way? To me it seems the ideal situation is one where both Hamas and Israel are toppled, and the citizens of both countries either share the land or the Israelis assimilate elsewhere. The biggest obstacle besides the two states themselves is of course religion and history in general, they fucking hate each other and the Palestinians and Israelis will kill each other even if both governments were toppled.

AlofRI(3246) Clarified
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Hamas is not the people of Palestine, they are a terrorist organization that a corroboration of Israeli/Palestinians could rid themselves of … if they could corroborate. The fight between them feeds Hamas.

Just like the Indians in the U.S. have a right to exist, the Israelis do also. They were there back before Jesus. They BOTH have a right to a homeland. I agree, the religions are a cause of friction, religions always have been … the Abrahamic ones anyway. Only THEY can do anything about that, they seem to love killing and dying … in the name of …. whomever (or whatever). If we keep from destroying this planet … or ourselves … I believe religious myths will fall to scientific knowledge and common sense. Not long after that, borders and races will go also. That time will be more like Star Trek, with an Earthwide governing system. Then we might stop killing each other. Until then, we have religions and races that "fucking hate each other".

Trump's & Netanyahu's "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY" ideals will NEVER do it!

Maybe..., but a couple of nukes will ;)

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Force all parties to abide by the terms set out in the British partition of Palestine.

I say we let them duke it out. Winner takes all ;)

joecavalry(39743) Clarified
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NOTE: duke rhymes with nuke ;)

joecavalry(39743) Clarified
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NOTE: The Israelis have nukes ;)