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 How does FromWithin justify eating meat (especially non-organic) (9)

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How does FromWithin justify eating meat (especially non-organic)

Just curious why almost all pro-lifers are meat eaters.
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This is funny and typed by a Leftist.

"Just curious why almost all pro-lifers are meat eaters"

The Leftist thinks that Democrats do not eat meat.

Check with the Democrats in the sewer known as DC and then get back to me.

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not relating to or derived from living matter.

"nonorganic archaeological finds"


(especially of food or farming methods) not involving or relating to production by organic methods.

What does that mean in the World of Leftist thinking.

SunTzuv2(87) Clarified
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Definition 2 in what you listed is the one I was meaning in this context, in case you were confused.

The word 'inorganic' is what the first definition actually refers to and is why I used the term 'non-organic' instead. :)

Chinaman(1677) Clarified Banned
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You Leftist like non organic meat now that is surprising to know.

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How is it the Leftist will have Vegan burgers when the earth is dying.

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LOL, I keep forgetting how those on the Left put a bigger priority on animals then they do innocent viable babies.

To the sane people of the world, pro life is speaking to innocent human lives, not animals or mass murderers.

Now go play with your video games in your case worker's basement while high on weed.

SunTzuv2(87) Clarified
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I'm not the guy in the videos, I am not factmachine.

SunTzuv2(87) Clarified
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Are the non-human animals not just as innocent?

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I will pray for you. I don't hate you any more. However, I am a progressive, and plan on respectfully expressing my view. My debate on same sex marriage is open to all, you are free to join us. Whether you accept me or not, I accept you. I enourage you not to let other people control your emotions. I am sure you are not that bad, but how can I tell any different, when we yell and scream at each other? How about a truce?

Chinaman(1677) Clarified Banned
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I thought you were a Socialist Democrat now you are a Progressive.

Is same sex marriage part of the Muslim faith.

FromWithin(8208) Clarified
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Until you become pro life, we have nothing in common. I can never respect people who support killing even viable babies, for any reason, when voting for Democrats.

Would you respect a slave owner? If Progressives were pro choice for slavery, would you vote for them?