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How does this site work?

I believe I make a very substantial and reasonable debate, and I recieve a couple of answers. When someone posts a debate screaming AHHHHHHHHHHHH! They have 5 to 10 responses. Is CD getting carried away, because of lack of questions that have yet to be asked?

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This site pretty much works like the real world. Everybody has their own view of how it should be run and they go off and do their own thing and some people complain about them and others applaud them and still others stay out of the fray. It's that simple ;)

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I was thinking the very same thing last night. I really believe we're going through a lull right now and some of those who normally post have not. I know that for me, I'm going through something like writer's block. I just cannot think of anything at the minute. When I do it's not exactly exciting. It'll come around again I think. Having allies to invite is a good way to get answers as well. If you like someone's responses and their rebuttals are good...make friends and start inviting!

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I think the world is going JC. And not only that but they're beating me at my own game ;)

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I feel like there are no debates that catch my attention at the moment. Most of my debates usually pick up speed relatively quickly but my last 2 in a row have under 2 responses each. I feel like this site has kind of stopped. Give it a week and everything will be back to normal. About a week after I started up here I soon thought the same thing you are thinking but then everything went back to normal all of a sudden.

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