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Snowmen are white, ahhhhh. Snowmen used to be black.
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How long will it be before ''SNOWMEN'' are deemed to be ''RAAACIST''?

With the loony leftists trying to have children's nursery rhymes such as;- baa-baa black sheep changed to, baa-baa-baa sheep it's only a matter of time before the loony filth embark on a madcap crusade to ban **WHITE SNOWMEN** being depicted on Christmas cards and seasonal decorations. 

Snowmen are white, ahhhhh.

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Snowmen used to be black.

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The memory of Bing Crosby will soon be smeared with allegations of RAAAAAAYCISM as his most famous song was;- ''I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas.

Side: Snowmen are white, ahhhhh.
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The loonies will argue that snowmen were always black before white privileged snowmen came along supported by white supremacist snowmen.

Of course that's a lot of snowballs.

Side: Snowmen used to be black.
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The loonies are trying very hard to advance the narrative that blacks inhabited Britain during the time of the Roman occupation.

Britain was under Roman rule from 43 AD to 410 AD and during this time there are no records whatsoever of blacks, in any numbers, living in any part of northern Europe including G.B.

The loonies have extended their black propaganda by having children's storybooks being published showing black families living in communities along with the indigenous population which was exclusively white.

This despicable brainwashing of children with their young and impressionable minds is characteristic of the LEFTIST FILTH.

Side: Snowmen used to be black.