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How long will you live to?

I thought it'd be interesting to find out our life expectancy rates. Don't be embarrassed to post your answers. And be honest on the quizzes.

Take both sets of tests, for better sense of accuracy. But have fun!

*Note: Post your expected age as the debate tag by typing the number via words (apparently the # system won't work... 93 gave me "Mccain voters"... what?!).

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I am going to live until I die.

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Side: when i die
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79 and 86

But I can tell these tests are bogus. They make their averages include thinkgs like dying in a car wreck. But either you die in a car wreck or you don't, it doesn't factor into how long your going to live if it doesn't kill you.

So if you filled in safe driver stuff, your number is going to be a little lower than it shows, and if you entered unsafe stuff, they're averaging you with people who die in a car wreck, and given that you don't, then you could probably add a few years.

Side: when i die

I look to past history and both sides have a pretty long life expectancy. Reaching 80 wouldn't be that surprising. With the current life changes I'm applying to my life and continued focus on them, 100 isn't that unrealistic. And that is in the physical realm of human reality. Perhaps I'll live forever.

Side: when i die
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Quiz #1 grants me:

88.75 years.

Quiz #2:

98 years.

Huh. Those are big differences. I think I believe the first one more, but who knows. So, I'll estimate I've got til I'm 93. :-)

Side: Ninety-three Years
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I'm pretty sure I'm going to putter out around 400 or 600, depending on how many virgin souls I devour.

I mean...



But seriously I plan on living until about 80 or 90. I'm pretty sure if I'm stubborn enough I can avoid the grim reaper for that long.

Side: Ninety-three Years
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Okay... the first one said I'd be 83.29 years old. It also said, since I put down 0/negligible for drinking, that 2-3 drinks a day would extend my life :D Let's go get drunk! lol.

For the second one, I got 86- somewhat consistent. My positive factors were grandparents' ages, diet, and personality and my only negative factor was gender! Haha! This one is sexist! :p

But these were probably not accurate. I didn't know my cholesterol, etc. And there were a few answers I gave that I wish there was another option closer to the truth. Like "what do you eat?" I eat low-fat foods, but not 5 fruits and vegetables a day... And I don't eat high-fat... so it's not accurate.

Side: eighty-four

The first test says I won't live til my next birthday...I stopped right there and made a date to make a date with someone before it's too late!

Side: when i die