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 How many days after X-mas can you leave your lights up b-4 you're considered white trash? (14)

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How many days after X-mas can you leave your lights up b-4 you're considered white trash?

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People take their Christmas Lights down?


I'm just trying to find out how long I can procastinate taking down the Christmas decorations. Is there a "miss manners" on this site?

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I turn mine off after New Year's and leave them up, but off, until the weather allows.

If you are in a warm climate, I'd say take them down after the holidays settle down and you have a nice day with not much to do.

What have you done in the past without our help?

He waited until June and shaped them into a palm tree!

In the past I've taken them down within a few days after X-mas but after your response..... I don't know how I've survived this long without you guys ;)

Miss Manners....At Your Service! They may remain up and lit until the day they call "Little Christmas" which is on January 6. It is the traditional end of the Christmas Season and the Christmas Holidays celebrated in other parts of the world. The tree, lights and outside ornamentation should be taken down as soon as possible after January 6th.

Of course, if you live in Vegas or near Hollywood they won't know the difference anyway. They'll just think you're part of the scenery there.

Hmmm, I think I got January 6 confused with June 6 once.

LMAO to you and my guys crack me up!

i leave mine up till after new years and take em down whenever i feel like it but i live in the middle of nowhere so nobody sees my lights.

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My Christmas decorations consist of a 2 foot plastic tree with lights included, and exactly 0 ornaments. My ex took all the ornaments. But I kept the turtles damnit!

May be I'll hang them on the tree...

The chances I put it up, or consequently take it down, are directly proportional to how drunk and bored I am in the days proceeding Christmas.

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Hanging animals from a tree is not morally right. Please reference the following debate. Is_wearing_fur_morally_wrong

Bettyjoe(399) Disputed
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So, your X doesn't like you either.

iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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Actually we're still really good friends. There's zero animosity. She just took the ornaments, that's all, and I kept the turtles.

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These people on my street leave theirs up untill after valentines day.