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How many people on here are libertarians (in the American sense).

I'm not asking for a political debate here, I just noticed that a high percentage of people on this site hold political beliefs I would classify as libertarian, and I would like to know if this is genuinely the case. I think it's probably because libertarians tend to have quite a deep interest and knowledge of politics, not that that makes them correct ;)


Please don't start a proper argument, I just want to know how many libertarians are on here.


If you'd rather not identify as libertarian, but prefer anarcho-capitalist or whatever, I am also using the term for those beliefs.

I'm a libertarian (or similar)

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I'm not a libertarian.

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My beliefs in general are pretty Libertarian. In a sense, it's just an evolving ideology stemming from Classical Liberalism. It's not necessarily coming from Democracy, because Democracy when it was first established was tyranny of the majority. It killed Socrates and banished Plato.

Also the act of a Constitution is important to note in Libertarian ideology. The ones who aren't Anarchists believe in legally protected civil rights and liberties. The Constitution is meant to manage tyranny, be it Democratic or Monarchist. And under Anarcho-Capitalism, it would be to point out the strength of Contract. Of course, I'm not going to start a debate on AC vs. non anarchism.

There's also Libertarian Socialism or Libertarian Communism, which gets highly philosophical.

I'd say that philosophically I am quite Anarchist. I don't believe that governments have done more good than bad. I believe that maybe we are better off without any state or authority or even respect of property or value.

But politically I'm a Libertarian. i believe that life and property MUST be defended, and I hope to push for a government that makes its sole purpose to protect life and property and do NOTHING else. Of course, that has been very hard to do... government (and the people) don't like a simple government. They like the idea that something can control the actions and livelihood of everyone else for their own self-interests (ideology.) Government is a tool that many find appropriate to push their own beliefs about how things should be. It goes beyond protecting us from what we know is wrong (stealing, murder, violence,) and to what we believe to be wrong (abortion, global warming, drugs, porn.)

As Penn Jillette once said, "I'm a Libertarian simply because I don't know what's right for other people."

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I always considered myself to be conservative, but have usually been classified as a Libertarian and a Voluntarist.

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People should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't negatively effect others. Very general, I know... but that's where I start.

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I suppose I'm a 19th century American conservative. Although I might some day change my age old views, but for the sake of argument I propose a democratic and open society where traditional values and personal integrity are protected.

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