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How offensive/funny is this?


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I showed my friends at the office and we laughed, we cryed, a good time was had by all ;)

Do any of you guys know anyone who is hiring? Just... you know.... asking. No reason.

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lol, good stuff. I actually went through about a hundred of those little comics before I finally managed to pull myself away.

See, you contribute. ;)

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I laughed pretty hard when I read the first comic stip on the homepage. I even bookmarked this site. :D

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hahaha thats actually really funny and i dont find it offensive at all.

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As a warlock, I am deeply offended. That was a good friend of mine...

I feel this way sometimes ;)

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Its actually really funny and I enjoyed a lot of the comics. None of them were offensive to me they were all just pretty funny.

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