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 How societies turn cruel. (9)

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How societies turn cruel.

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Our society started turning cruel when they made it legal to kill unborn babies, even viable babies for sake of convenience.

No one has to go back to Germany to see examples of how a nation's values turn cruel.

It's always selfish reasons when one group decides that another group no longer deserves the right to life.

They did it with Jewish people, they did it with Black slaves, and now they are doing it with innocent vulnerable babies.

To listen to any Democrat preach to ANYONE about compassion, love, tolerance, capital punishment, etc. etc. makes me nauseous.

seanB(936) Disputed
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You really are a one trick pony. Do you think criminalizing all abortions will somehow solve all of society's cruel-ness?

I think not.

FromWithin(8234) Disputed
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When will you EVER get some intelligence and understand the ignorance of your words?

It's so easy to refute the ridiculous things you say.

I want you to rewrite your question by replacing the word "abortion" with "murder".

Now read your question once more, and maybe JUST MAYBE, you will get it.

Has criminalizing any crime EVER solved all of society's cruelness? We still have murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. etc. no matter laws against it.

The purpose of laws is to cut down on the numbers of crime. The purpose of laws is to protect the innocent from those who would do us harm. The purpose of laws is to lift up humanity!

Making No Restriction abortions illegal (other than life of mother, etc.), will save millions of innocent lives. It will give these vulnerable lives the chance to live and enjoy the same pleasures of life as you.

No law will ever stop all killing, but it will save many lives while lifting up the sanctity and value of an innocent life.

As we are noticing in this evil world, life is getting cheap. When those who would contemplate murder, watch the Left fighting to keep No Restriction abortions legal, (EVEN VIABLE BABIES FOR ANY REASON), then they can justify their own reasons for killing another.

YeshuaBought(2654) Clarified
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I see it starting when America turned her back on God, and Biblical values. We have abortion, homosexuality, fornication, transgenders, prenatal murder, censorship, racial separatism, no religious liberty, and i believe we are living in the end times. Abortion is evil for sure, but what is wrong with America, is we need to repent before God, like 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, and ask God if He will save this country.

I agree, I should have stated how our society turned selfish and cruel after Progressive's declared war on America's Christian heritage.

From the aftermath of that war came the inhumanity towards our unborn lives.

Ok the Nazis went over board. But nobody ever mentions that everyone practically in Europe were ripped off by Jewish cons. Even to this day - no one wants to dare tell the truth about such slimey Jew shit as: INMF, Hollywood controlled by Jews, Jews taking land that is not internationally recognized as belonging to them. Need I go on? Research the Bolshevik s killing Slavic people to spread Marxism and killing ancient Czars.

They were not just walking down the street innocent when they were assaulted! They may have received overboard atrocities. But they were not innocent