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How to get a Lib to flip a position in seconds

1. The gunman was illegaly here. Gun control position. Gone
2.The racism wasn't a white person.
3.The love for Hitler isn't a white person.
4.The kids being removed from parents was in 2012
5.The tear gas used on border jumpers was in 2013
6. Illegals put in cells was in 2014
7. The person who got prison reform wasn't a lib
8.The misogynist isn't Christian or white
9.The "homophobe" isn't a Christian or white

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Um …. there's an easier way, just take a little time to watch and study the current occupier of the White House. I know it's distasteful, but, sometimes we have to take the bitter with the sweet.

(Another way is to keep an eye on his "friends"). ;-)

Practice those ways and ANYBODY will know how to flip.

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